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FFIX.. as odd as that is...

I want this game on the PS Shop... like... now.
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My favorite Final Fantasy game would have to be The FFVII series. The way everything was tied in between each game and the story behind each character was just flawless in my opinion. If only Zack didn't die.
I like Final Fantasy 1 because it's DAMN EASY TO PLAY!
I'm a lame gamer. ^ -- ^

I also love IX. I just love it. Probably because it's cartoony fantasy.
I liked FF10, the storyline is cool, and the music is beauitful.

But I didn't like FFX-2 DX
X hands down is my fave. I love Yuna and Rikku<3
Final Fantasy VII, because the story was very well done, it was really entertaining and got me hooked, the cast of characters were excellent (favourite character is Nanaki), great soundtrack...really, what's not to like about that?

Well, I didn't like Cait Sith though...ugh, this game manages to have my favourite and least favourite FF characters in it. confused
FF VII. I like it because it was my first FF game ever. My brother got me into it....
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Final Fantasy VI.

Ever since I played it as III on the U.S. when I was a kid, I was in love.

For being the first game to be a tear-jerker to me.

To being the most intriguing when it came to characters and storyline, this one takes the cake.

Epic battle system, epic music, epic character roster.

Plus, Locke is a gangsta, and Kefka is the best villain. Period. (He poisoned a castle's inhabitants, burned villages to a ground, controlled the mind of a powerful half-esper, betrayed his empire, crashed a floating continent into a planet, destroyed the world, forged a new world in his image, became a God, cast judgement upon those who stood against him, and did everything he set out to do.)

The reasons truly go on.
FFIX.. as odd as that is...

I want this game on the PS Shop... like... now.

lol why? do they have FF7 and 8 on there already?
My ultimate favourite would have to be FFXII.
The battle system was fun and fast-paced.
The story was a little confusing, but enjoyable.
The graphics were AMAZING for the PS2.
And I spent around 110 hours just to complete it.
Love it.

FF1 is awesome. Classic.
FF2 is almost as awesome. Also classic.
FFIV is pretty damn fun.
FFVII never really got me.
FFX was boring.
FFX-2 was rubbish.
And I plan on soon buying FFXIII.

I like FFXI, I love creating your own character and seeing the vast world with others <3 plus the stories are not bad :3 been playing online for about 6-7 years razz
FFVIII - Loved the summons and storyline. FFX - Loved the storyline dramallama
FFVII. I mean, come on. It was the best. I only played it recently, though. Before that, my only FF experience was with X and Kingdom Hearts, so... sweatdrop
Final Fantasy VIII all the way~ it's the one that stood out to me, all of the others were kinda boring and predictable (except FF VI/6)... idk- the whole military thing with the romance and sorceress' was an awesome combo if you ask me~ the ending was even better. I couldn't stand Final Fantasy 7- way to predictable on most parts and not to mention booooring- ANYWAYS~I love the GF's in FF VIII- just love 'em, and Squall Leonhart- he is yummy in my tummy heart
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I played only three sad I came close to beating FF7 but I got stuck at translation issues. (Didn't understand what they were saying.) And I beat FFX and X-2. I loved 7, 10, and X-2 but I'd have to say 7 was my favorite. I gave up on NBA games to spend more time pwning armies in FF7. Kingdom hearts where to begin, besides all the Disney ******** running around quacking it was a pretty good game Sephiroth was a worthy opponent. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, hmm it was a cool time killer I remember dealing over 1000 damage to a boss by using a 5 way combo.

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