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just how many ff games r there iv asked everyone and they say like
15-20 but i think thats bull shiet iv only herd up to 12

neway my fav ffgame is ff4 cus there are so many charicters that u get as u go along music aint that bad but it could be better
To answer young dark saiyan's question:

There are currently 16 specific Final Fantasy games.
FFI through FFX have already been released. That makes 10.

FFX-2 is coming to North America soon. As is FFXI, which is an MMORPG.

Final Fatasy Tactics was released for the PS. It was different from the other FF's, but nonetheless used the FF name and several of its key elements.
FF Tactics Advance has also been released rather recently for the Game Boy Advance. That brings us up to 14 games.

Finally, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals will be released within the next year for both the Gamecube and the Game Boy Advance. That makes 16.

Please note that there is also several spin-off games revolving around the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series. There is also a wonderful game for the PS2 called Kingdom Hearts which features several FF characters.
I don't count those, however.

There are ALSO two Final Fantasy animes, one simply titled "Final Fantasy" and the other titled "Final Fantasy: Unlimited". In addition, there was a computer-animated feature film released last year titled "Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within".

I think that prettymuch wraps things up. smile
Ohh... and to post on-topic...

<b>Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?</b>
Probably FFVIII.

<b>Why do you like it so much?</b>
I love every FF that I've played. But FFVIII had an especially wonderful cast.

<b>When did it become your favorite?</b>
It was actually the first one I played... so I guess a few years ago.

<b>Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?</b>
FFV, FFVI, FFVII and FFX have all tried to worm their way to the top of the list.
But they've never managed to beat FFVIII.
There's just something about it.
My Favorite of the FF game is FFVI (FFIII in US) because it is old school and i love tera's morphing ability. For the new school its actually FFVII I love the story and the graphics were great. In second place is FF X. I love my Yuna. I've notice that people like or hate FFX. they say there not enough game play. but i say there is. They also say that the only reason that we like the game is because of cinematics. The cinematics are awsome and i love them but i truely love the Aeons. I also love the music in all the FF games.
I would have to say that FF6 is my favorite. There are options to choose from that change the story, and you don't have to follow a particular line specifically. eek
FFX cuz tidus is hott!! xp and plus its a great game
FF 7 has been by favorite for years ( since it came out). After getting past the chocabo ranch and watching the story progress I was pleased. I think they should do a redo on it ( don't change the plot, just the graphics and bugs.) I have played all of the FF from 4 and up. xd
i LOVE FF VIII. Zell is so badass, he's like a rolemodle, except fake. As for the 2d ones, six is the best. i bought IX from my cousin, but it was all scratched up so it didn't work.
My Fave game has tobe either ff7or ff10.Well ff7 was the very first ff Gmae i/ve ever played1 i wish they could have killed off Tifa instead of Aeris! And ff10 the music and everything elses was cool!The Music was very Pretty!
FFVI is my favorite cause this is like the last series where almost every characters storyline was taken seriesly. From terra to lock to shadow. Every character had there own theme music, there own skills, and there own storyline. FFVI also had the best weapons, magics, and relics. Also they have the best cast of characters and the storyline was truely amazing. I wish squaresoft was actually remake this game into full 3D render like wild arms. xp
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Final Fantasy VI is hands down the best over all. (well maybe not graphics : x)

The magic system i thought was awesome. ^_^ And having Relics? oh yeah! You could turn Relm into a kick a** warrior XD

And i liked how there wasnt a MAIN guy you know? You've got Cecil, Butz, Cloud Squall etc...this one had Terra and she couldnt even be pinned as the main person. ^_^ And almost every Character has a background story you can find. ^_^ And having 14 to pick from is always good.

And it has the best villian, ever. Kefka is just...yes XD I know theres more to loving it but, I'm tired and i dont think anyone cares to hear me rant. ^_^;

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Well, the first FF I ever played was the 6th, thanks to one of my sister's boyfriends. He even lent me his SNES!

since the beggining I became a fan. The story, the characters, the magic system, the possibilities (almost all items are equipable by almost every party member, alongside the magical system, slongside the possibilities in party-making) were so many that I feel every other FF is a lot short on those.

Of course, the BGM only improved my feelings for that game, specially the opening.

and one last thing: Kefka, I haven't found a more hateable villian through all FF series....

(I hope it's enough spoiler-free) =^_^=
I love Final Fantasy 9 because Zidane had the coolest attitude and it was the only one I beat so far... sweatdrop
Well i'm a FF7 fan & always will be :still thinks it's the best game for PS1 xd : Well my fav character is either Cloud or Sephiroth and i still think sephiroth is the evilist guy i know!
no one mentioned ff tactics, (or at least i dont think they did) but im saying it now, ff tactics on the playstation had to be one of the best, it also had cloud from ff7 as a hidden character... how much cooler can it get? not much i can tell you.

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