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hands down, FF6 is a personal favorite. though FF7 and Tactics are pretty damn good as well.
If I fould pick my favorite FF, it would probably be all of them. You can always have more than one favorite. wink
i like ff9. the characters are nice and so is the story biggrin wink
I grew up on FFVI (III) and it is and will ever be my favorite FF game. The storyline is strong, the characters are moving and the game itself is a masterpiece.
Kingdom Hearts. It has some of the original FF characters in it and the graphics and plot are absolutly awesome! I got hooked to that game.
my favourite personally is FF8 cause the guys were all good looking heheh, tho i like all equally as good sorta. smile and if you havent seen it already u shud check out FFUnlimited, its worth seeing. (ff anime) byes.
I'd have to say FFVII, and I am looking forward to FFXI... I hope it's good.
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FF7 coz ....it's cool..no real reason I just do.
My favourite Final Fantasy has to be X. It is the first game to PS2, which is why it has such an incredible graphics. The Battle system is also really good. The characters in the game is great.
I bought it a year ago and so far there are no games that can beat FFX.
I actually have two favorites!

1 - Final Fantasy 1 - it all started here! There would have been no RPGs for me without this one and Pool of Radiance (PC)!

2/3 - Final Fantasy Tactics in all its forms! Ever since the first I have logged maybe 500-600 hours in the game, which tops everything but for DAoC! smile
I like FFX because you actually had a reason to use all the characters. In the other ones, I just picked my favorites and pretty much ignored the rest. Also the story was really good.
I've played all of them except XI and my favorite is between FFVII and FFX. Both are the first entries on their prospective systems and I think nothing beats that first experience.
what is your favorite FF game? that is possibly the tuffest question that i've seen. i'll go w/ FF5 and tactics 'cause ur character's can be anthing. also FF9 'cause of its good story line, characters, and funny as mess lines. but i like just about all of the FF games i've played.
I love FFVII cuz the world that you start in isnt pretty or nice...it is crap...you have to make it out of there then you find out about mako and all that stuff cloud and sephiroth are so cool...and who can forget when Sephiroth killed Aerith off man that was just wrong........^_^
I'd have to say FF6 - it broke boundaries that others would not have believed possible for the platform it was on.

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