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Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? It would have to be either 7 or 10. Most likely 7
Why do you like it so much? FF7: Wonderful storyline and some of the best executed FMV scenes ever. I love the materia system of magic, it was simple, yet very effective. The limit breaks are nice too. Besides, there aren't many games that has a bad guy people favor so much.
FF10: This also had a good storyline, and the voice overs was a nice addition, even if it were a bit flawed. The sphere grid system grew on me. It is a bit easier, since you were responsible for your character's growth, and it wasn't preset to have each class do a certain amount (for example, a black mage could end up being your strongest warrior, or the warrior could do quite a good amout of spell damage). The characters weren't that great, but they each had their own little thing people could relate to.
When did it Become your favorite? Okay, seven is my favorite. ^_^ It became my favorite after when my best friend showed me the game (before i even picked up a PS). I've played all PS Final Fantasies (except Tatics, but I do have Chronicles), and seven was the one that stood out the most. 9 was very nice, but the fact that everyone always got separated made it difficult to level up your characters evenly. 8, (which my friend also showed to me), didn't really make any kind of impression on me. When I finally got around to playing FF8, I was disappointed. Maybe I'm just a lazy a**, but the Junction system had too much involvement, and the characterization was kinda poor--none of them really grew on me in a good way (I hate SquallxRinoa with a passion. *gets flamed by FF8/SquallxRinoa fans*). 10 was defintely a turnaround, but at some parts it lacked. Seven stood out because, the journey across 3 discs was worth the trouble and nothing can top the Gold Saucer. :3 (there are more reasons, but I've talked enough already)
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? I would have to say that FF7 and FF10 always displaced one another. ^^;;

On a side note: I wish that I could have been one of the old school FF fans, maybe then I could appreciate FF4 a little better. =\
My all time favorite would be FFVI..and right after would be FFIV. I'm a big oldschool fan..soo...yup. 3nodding Both of the storylines kept me going; they were both fun and i love all the characters. I don't care much about graphics..story and characters for me ^^ Those two have always been my top 2 favorite biggrin
I'm quite fond of FFV. It's the job system that does it for me.

Which means I'm really gonna like FFX-2.
Final Fantasy VI is my favourite. Why? On the newer FF games with advanced 3D graphics, the FF feeling dissapeared in a way. The newer ones are still really awesome, but not the same as the old ones.
Actually, I don't really like 3D graphics at all because it makes the game feel more like a movie than a game. I guess that's why.
FF9 is my favorite. It something from the new ones and the old ones. Just a mix of all the good stuff. It just caught me and wouldn't let go. A great game IMO.
FF7 is da best. FFX came close.

I beleive your first FF, is your favourite!
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I have to say FF7 is my favourite FF game ever... I like FFX too but FF7 can never be over runned by any other FF game... FF6 is a good game as well but FF7 has a feeling to it that no other FF game has... it's such a dark and sad story... And it got one of the most complicated and disgussed (sp?) stories in gaming history... (if you don't count XenoGears) I love it... even the subcharacters like Vincent and Yuffie has a complicated background story... like take the topic of Vincent's age... ^_^ I have loved this game since I first got my hand on it in 97 when it was released... I still have my original copy left... together with my still working PSX that I bought at the same time as the game... My games and gaming experience means so much to me and this game has burned a mark into my brain for all eternity... That is what Final Fantasy VII means to me.
I have to say Final Fantasy 9 is the best. Why?

2. Characters are damn cool
3. Gotta love the cities and towns
4. Lots of cool mini games! (I LOVE THE CARD GAME!!)
5. Lots of funny stuff. Hahaha. XD;;
6. Queen Brahn is fat and green. smile *cracks up*
7: Kuja wears a thong. Gotta love the cross dressing!!
8. Chocobo games and theme.
9. Whole story based on the Moogles! (Mognet Central)
10. Cool secret places!

I can go on but I won't. XD

And it's always been my favorite! ^^

I'm all about the very very first one... I learned to read on it! So good...

FF6 comes within a hair of being better.
FFVII is definitely my favorite...though FFIV comes a close second. It just gets infinitely better each time you play it.
i like ff10 because its is the only 1 i have and it has good pictures heart

It's so lovely to be surrounded by other FF9 fanciers *_*. I love the magic system and having a HAPPY (erm... mostly) hero. And the music!*sings the moogle song*.

It's easy to manage, yet challenging- especially in Ozma related matters.

I'd have to say 7 is a close second. Which may change after I finish some of the older games. Hurray for Ferris!

i love the story and the way the battle is all like tactical
final fantasy 8. why? squall's the s**t, thats why.
FFVII is my favourite! Its an awesome story line, awesome characters, tons of great game play time. And, well.. it just rules!

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