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Due to an over-abundance of this question over the last few months, I'm creating a thread for the specific purpose of discussing personal favorites.
If any new threads are created on the subject, they will be locked.
For that matter, I'll be locking the current ones as well.
Please try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

So say what you will.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
When did it Become your favorite?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
Fantastic. I salute thee.

Anyway, favourite is Final Fantasy VII. First one released here in Europe, and I've yet to play a game that has a stronger or more thought-provoking storyline as this classic. The only downside is its shoddy translation to English.
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I like FFIX the most. It has so cute graphics and I think the charas have great personalities. The Magic system is also nice. 3nodding

But.. Now that I have Crystal Chronicles, I think I like it more..
I'm going to have to agree and say that my fav is IX. I just got so into it that I beat it in like a few weeks. I usually take alot longer but it was just to good. All the characters were well thought out and the story line rocked. Also it was the fist FF to let you play with four characters at a time.
Of the Old School - FF6

The new - FF8

(note Old school is the NON 3d versions)

I'll comment on others opinions later
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Nothing Beats FF6

*Tapps on his paladin shield consealed beneath his trench coat*

Best protection you can ever have!
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? Final Fantasy VIII
Why do you like it so much? I love the story line. I also think that Squall, Rinoa, and Quistis are amazing characters.
When did it Become your favorite? 2 years ago
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? My favorite Final Fantasy used to be Final Fantasy VII. It was my very first Final Fantasy. I still enjoy the game, but I prefer FF8 more.
Final Fantasy XIII ( cool
I LOVED THE ENDING TO THAT THING! OMG! IT WAS SOOOOO COOL!!!! domokun ::glomps Squall and runs away with him::

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
I prefer FFIX cause all the caracters are cute! (euuuh except Brahne sweatdrop )
i like FFVII, i like it because it has a GREAT story line, GREAT characters, and GREAT playability, it became my favorite like 4 years ago..and it displaced Crash Bandicoot 2 xp
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xd Haha! Best sticky ever. You might want to add "Final Fantasy" and "ever" to the subject so people are absolutely positively sure that no more threads need to be made about this, though. biggrin Kekeke.

Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?

Why do you like it so much?
Storyline, characters, music. It's very well-rounded.

When did it Become your favorite?
After I beat it a few years ago.

Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
Didn't have a favourite before then.
i like final fantasy nine cause of its music, heck they all have great music, thanks to uematsu. Well 9 it goes back to old school which is a big yes in my opinion. then the graphics were pretty good for a ps1 game. the story i liked a lot. hmmmmm yes the mini games, tahts what makes this game so great, all the mini games and secret hidden stuff, you can play it for hours and still you be playing mini games.
I'd have to say FF6 is my favorte game. it was the first game i played in the Final Fantasy series and i enjoyed it alot, FF7,8 are tied in my books and anything after that i won't even touch since the game play is to slow
My favorite is FF8...the reason is that I really got into the story and it had amazing movie cutscenes...though FFX's graphics and movies looked better...the movies in FFVIII really catured the emotion of the moment...specially that part at the end...it has always been my favorite...it was also the first one I played...
FF7 is my fave. it has been for 4 years... but it is closely followed by 10

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