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Which one have you started but haven't finished maybe? Usually works for me.

I'd say X so that you can get a good grasp of things again when you play X-2.
oh no plz do not encurage her to play x-2 plz

Listen. The story may of required a bit more work, but gameplay and puzzle-solving wise, I enjoyed this game.
I just beat 6 (for the first time finally!) and I recently beat 5, too, for like the 100th time. Anyhow, I have a game on X-2 at the moment, but I can't play it due to a shoddy disc. So as I wait for a replacement, which other FF should I give a quick spin at? I own 1-13. But don't know which to play, I don't know which one to choose because I don't feel like one of the longer ones - 7/8/9. So, what do you lot suggest?

TLDR; Which one of the shorter FF games shall I play now that I'm bored and needing to play FF?

BTW: My copy of FFVII is iffy, but I do kinda feel like it.

I suggest you play the long story ones... They'll suck you into the story that you don't wanna play any other game till you finish it or get annoyed by simply can't pass the game xD
FF IX isn't really that long, it's a good story where you play as Zidane wandering with the princess and along with it a knight and a black mage.... think of it... the story is breath taking...
played Every final fantasy except for online -w-
Well, thank you for the suggestions folks - luckily, I fixed my copy of FFX-2, but as I am now stuck on the Sphere Break tournament, I think I'll switch to playing FFVII! Also, just so you all know, I have played all of the games before...
Thanks people!
Play the first two those are fun to play.
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Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII
Has got to be the shortest Final Fantasy ever.
You could beat it in a day if you wanted to.

True that. I beat it within 11 hours and that was with running around and doing other things. Probably would take 10 or less to get through it all.
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7 is actually felt shorter than I thought it would be. I would suggest 9 but that's because it's one of my favorite so I'm being bias here. 8 system took a little getting used to for me though, but, maybe I'm just special.

All of them are worth a play.
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you could always just beat them in order but if not... then maybe 9 or 10? although imo I'm not a huge fan of X-2 in the first place I find it to be one of the worst games in the series.

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