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FFVI, FF Crisis Core, FFIX, FFVII. crying
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FF 13. That story was so sad. I began crying when Sazh became stereotypically black, Lightning bitched, Snow whined about being a hero, Hope crying about his mother, and...

Actually, the only stories I didn't cry over was the obvious scissored relationship of Lightning and Vanille.
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X was definitely a sad story, but I think it was over-exaggerated due to being voice acted and the characters being much easier to understand.

I personally thought that the last quarter of FFIX was pretty depressing. Especially, like, the entire time the party spends on Terra. Especially Pandemonium.
crisis core
Final Fantasy 9.... just Final Fantasy 9... crying
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Final Fantasy 13-2 ending made me cry
Final Fantasy 6 Was the best to me with great moments to make me feel sad.
I am surprised that Final Fantasy IV is rarely mentioned, because that particular game is loaded with deaths and farewells, and you can really feel it in the DS version most of all....

The death of Rydia's mother
Anna's death
Anna's farewell to Edward
Palom and Porom turning to stone
Tellah's death
Yang's death
Cid's death
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Final Fantasy 9 I have to admit got me feeling all d'awww at the end.
FFX ending...
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mine's definitely Crisis Core.
Who could resist Zack's death ;A;
I think the ending of the Requiem of the Goddess DLC for XIII-2 was the only one. Serah's goodbye just wrecked me completely, and I can't even fully understand why. Dammit, Square Enix, you always turn me into a little kid with your games. xD
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XIII and XIII-2 made me tear up. They hold a dear place in my heart as my first true final fantasy games and the stories really touched me. The individual characters and their back stories was just so interesting to me. By the end of both games I had grown to love all the characters and when they are nearly defeated by the end bosses it really made me want to play on and win! gaia_kittenstar
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X-2, Crisis Core, and the ending of the Requiem of the Goddess DLC for XIII-2.
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Final Fantasy X ending. My first game and I had honestly thrown myself into it.
Crisis Core for sure. Couldn't stop bawling.
Many times throughout 13 and 13-2. Oh gosh. Especially the ending of 13-2. I knew it was coming because I was spoiler-ed T.T but still- it was so upsetting.
Mine would definitely be Final Fantasy's VII, X, XIII and XIII-2. I felt all the Final Fantasy's I've played so far had some kind of emotion though

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