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No idea how it would work without making an entirely new game, but it would just pretty amazing to play as the bad guys in VII. I would love to see the whole thing from their side and kick some Avalanche a**.
Nothing it's beautiful just the way it is ! And well SquareEnix likes to update it on handhelds every four or so years so it gets changes anyway sweatdrop
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I don't have a favorite, so I'll say what I'd change in all of them:
Get rid of the turn-based battle. It drives me nuts.
the battle system.
i wish all the games had ff12's battle system.
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FFVI: it would be easier to find caves, especially when you're on a chocobo.
Be able to save Trances from battle to battle and choose when to use them. SOOOO infuriating every time you get a trance on some useless enemy or at the very end of a battle, and then it's gone. Wasted. -__- The only thing that really makes me mad about 9.
Why should Vaan have a shirt?! Have you SEEN where he lives? He is living in a DESERT and is RUNNING around saving the world (granted he didn't need to be there but still, he did partake in saving the world.)

That is like saying Fran should wear something other then that skimpy armour she wears but no, where she comes from that is normal, it is how the Viera wear their armour, just like it is normal for Vaan to be like he is, he lives in a Desert city where the sun is bloody hot, if I was him I would be wearing no top either, I don't want heat stroke or something.

Shes got a point besides the game wouldnt be the same
ah, there is ONE thing i want to change in FF - the random battles!
No more random encounters, and better design for their clothes! Seriously, they're like wearing all this unnecessary stuff along with hundreds of belts, when they should keep it simple with a bit of there and here of uniqueness.

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