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FFX It got boring really fast, though.Way to linear. Right now I'm working on FFXII. I like it a lot better.
Final Fantasy Crisis Core. smile Still workin on it lol

Haha ~ Good Luck ~ And I Am Sure U Would Not Be Disapoint With The Ending ~

Thanks lol. smile
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My first one would have to be ffV razz but VII really got me interested in the series. I've played FFI, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII and XIII I really do heart thirteen!
7 was my first. Then someone stole it from me... I've never finished it... No one else has a copy... crying

OH! That must have sucked getting it stolen. Even worst, you didn't get to finish it. 'o'!
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blehh i hate 12 and i wont be getting 13
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Cute Bunny

      Ten was my favorite.
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I've played FFX and FFXIII. Which I both liked. I'm waiting to still play 13.
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kupo~ It was either 7 or 9. Both are good games anywho kupo~ :3
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Well, hey there Snuggle Monkey~

My first Final Fantasy was actually The Spirits Within. My mom rented it and loved it and later got it for Christmas, and I watched it with her.

It wasn't until a few years later that I actually played one of the games, FFVII to be exact.
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FFVIII was the first I tried and put me off the series for a few years. FFV got me into the series.
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My first FF was FFVII mrgreen
7 of course smile
i am fairly confused, what IS final fanticy? i hope i dont sound like a moron blaugh
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I first got 12, then 10. then 10-2, then 12 revanent wings, then 3 &4, then 13. As of now, 13 is my favorite, but 12 comes in close second.

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