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I've played FFVII thru FFXII and I think 8 was the best. I got addicted to building up the different battle things you get, like Firaga. I haven't played in a while.
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I played Final Fantasy Tactics for the game boy advanced first. If we're talking about Playstation games, then I played FFX first.
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Final Fantasy Crisis Core. smile Still workin on it lol
Final Fantasy Crisis Core. smile Still workin on it lol

Haha ~ Good Luck ~ And I Am Sure U Would Not Be Disapoint With The Ending ~

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GC 3nodding
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VII was my first.

VII and XIII are my favorites.

XII was really good, too.

7 and its still my fave game of all time
The original Final Fantasy for the NES.
My first Final Fantasy was Ff tactics. A true classic biggrin
my first ff was FFIX and then FFVII and FFVIII and FFX and X2 8D
My first FF was VIII. It's still my very favorite console game, narrowly beating out the original Spyro and LoZ:OoT.

I rather like X, as well.

Anyone ever notice how most of the same characters has the same personality and similar back stories?

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