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My first final fantasy was FFX.
6 was my first. emotion_kirakira
2, I think. Loved it.
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FFXIII. Because I was never into the series before a friend forced me to play it. Now I feel in love with the series. :3
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Probably X at my friend's house. For those I owned either of the advance ones beside VI.
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Final Fantasy 5 on SNES, I think (yes, I did play on an emulator for them). Definitely was one of the SNES ones, I remember.
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i played 13 part 1
Alnette an Dearg
Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. It was the first game I ever played.
Final Fantasy IX
Still my favourite one
I played VII first, but IX was the first one I finished/played all on my own! IX is my favorite, I think.
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USA Final Fantasy II on my imported Super Famicom. heart
FFX,i bought random games and play this game alots smile
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Alnette an Dearg
Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. It was the first game I ever played.

Same here, as far as first FF game. (I think Link or Dragon Warrior was the first game I ever played.) I think that's still one of my favorite Final Fantasy games.

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