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Final fantasy 6 wich is also my fav ff game ever
It was seven. I remember the adverts on television, and then my sister went out with my father and returned home with this brand new thick-cased game. Me and my sisters didn't know how to attack at first until the oldest of us fugured it out! It was our first experience in general with an RPG. I used to play the game behind my sister's backs. Because I was young, they never trusted me with their things, so when they weren't in, I'd play the game, but not save the data. Funnily enough, I'd always beat bosses they were stuck on!
My first one was FF7!
Final Fantasy seven
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Final Fantasy IX was my first RPG game ever when I was a little kid.
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the first one i played was 12 on the ds
Final Fantasy X! I was 15 or so, and I realized I'd never played any of the major JRPGs. So I was like "Final Fantasy! This is a thing I will play." So I picked up X!

(Although I still need to play one besides X and Kingdom Hearts. xd )
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Final Fantasy 10
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To be honest, my first FF was FFVII, back when I was around 9. sweatdrop

Although, I just loved the game so much, I decided to play the other ones too. I then picked up in order;
It's a mess in the order I played them, but I found it enjoyable. xd
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I played 7 and 9 at pretty much the same time (6 years of age), so I guess it would be a tie between those two..
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I will say 8, and will always be one of my favourites xD i think i jst like the open world of it, well i guess most of the FFs aree. Not XIII thoo
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Played 7 briefly at a friends house and really liked it so I asked my mum to get me 8 a couple of weeks later.
I really feel like a lot of these gamers here are lying about which game they played first to sound like some cool hipster or maybe I'm a delusional a*****e, either way, hipsters aren't cool, but anyway...

Final Fantasy 10. Second game I've ever played and favorite game of all time.
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I played Final Fantasy I.
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Final Fantasy 7.

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