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my first one was 8 , and it is my favourite to this day ! 3nodding
ahh , love stories heart
FFX was my first and Kingdom Hearts is what got me into the series. sweatdrop
FFIV and FFVI are my favorites.
The first one I played was FF5.
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The first one I played was FFVI (For the GBA). I saw a mini-guide for it in a magazine, and it was only $12 at my local game store (I guess they thought it wouldn't sell well or something). I only got it because I thought it'd be easy to beat because I had a guide. Then I fell in love with the game.
It's my favorite to this day, although I like FFIV, too.
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I was kinda slow when it came to the FF series
now I'm hooked >.<
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FF III for super Nintendo
or in Japan its VI
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X-2, but I only played the very first level because I wasn't allowed to play it and I didn't want to get caught. If that doesn't count then it's Final Fantasy XIII
I can't recall if it was VII or IX first, but IX was only for like, five minutes at the time.
I played 10 first. =)
Its awesome! =D
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FF15 hahaha jk its FF2!
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Lightning de Farron
FFVIII was my first and that was the one that got me into the series c:

I played the first one a lil bit when I was younger. But was not as into it as I am now obviously. After that I picked FFVIII up and that one really got me hooked on the series, as well as more hooked onto the whole RPG catagory.
Final fantasy 7 was the first one i remember but it's my favorite and always will be heart
Final Fantasy X >.<

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