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Greedy Capitalist

"You Spoony bard!" (Tellah, FF4) As much as I hate that game, it's the only quote I remember.
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Kether Taninniver

"Though I find the thought of you as emperor quite deliciously abusurd, it ends now. This world can have but one emperor, and I am he!" -Mateus

"Reluctance to forgive has long been a human failing. It is in man's nature to sin, yet you answer sin with violence upon violence. Is that not itself a sin?" -Mateus

"Maybe they're off pillaging villages like good soldiers of doom?" -Refia

Cid Previa: Ha! Looks like that overgrown lobster just got served!
Bartz: With cheese biscuits AND mashed potatoes!

"I hate hate hate hate hate hate... hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE YOU!" -Kekfa

Yuffie: Whap! Pow! Bam! Take that, bad guy!
Zack: Arrgh! Nooo! You got me!

"How you supposed to look after yo' family if you can't even look after yo'self?" -Marlene (imitating Barret)

"Peace is but a shadow of death, desperate to forget its painful past... Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears, yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue, by dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue." -Kuja

"Farewell... My sweet, lovable morons." -Kuja

"Thinking isn't solving anything!" -Tidus

"Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal." -Seymour

"But there is no salvation for the damned! Rest in peace, in eternal darkness! Let darkness take you!" -Seymour

"Go, kleptomonkey, go!" -Rikku

"No one expects the GOLDFISH!" -Rikku

"Only a jackass can change the world." -Auron

"Hey buckethead!" -Vaan

Laguna: And Tidus is over there sleepin' like a log.
Vaan: I bet a good punch'd wake him right up.
Laguna: Tactful as a freight train, aren'tcha, kid? So, Yuna. Kicking and punching aside for the moment...
Vaan: I didn't say we should kick him!

"Who's THAT handsome devil?" -Kefka (to himself)

"What's this 'Ungaahh' business?" -Tidus (to Mateus)

I have lots of favorites. .__.;

All of the above
As well as...
"Sleep Tight" - Cloud to Zack (Final Fantasy Crisis Core)
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"I'm the Princess, so listen!"

"The gods do not smile on us."
"I like it better that way." -Fran and Balthier, FF12

"Let's mosey." - Cloud, FF7
Cloud u so smooth man
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"Hmph... Peasant."
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