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Disasteriffic?! I am on my way!
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Any Kefka says ends up being my favs! >_<
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"Ahem! There's sand on my boots."-Kefka
"Son of a Submariner!"-Kefka
""Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?"-Kefka
"You sound like lines from a self-help book!"-Kefka
"Yes its been a pleasure. Wait you you wh-WHAT!!"-Kefka
"Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!"-Kefka
Last but not least his laugh.
Oh! Cloud! Your hair looks like a Chocobo! -Tifa Lockhart heart
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I've only ever played FFXIII, but Ive watched playthroughs of the other games. Anyways, my favourite quote, just because of it's Irony, is "Hold on Baby, your hero's on his way!" From Snow, because its like "Evidently not, stupid." Like really? She even told you it wasnt going to be okay stare
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"I dreamt I was a moron"

-Squall Leonhart; Final Fantasy VIII emotion_bigheart
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Marlene: Cloud! Denzel and Tifa!
Cloud: Tifa is alright.
Marlene: I wanna talk to her!
*Cloud looks for phone and found it gone. Marlene looks at Vincent*: May I?
*Vincent pulls his cape to show no phone on his holster*
Marlene: You don't have a phone?!
and later on in the movie. Vincent: Where can I buy a phone?
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Tidus: "They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple."
Wakka: "Macalania Temple."
Tidus: "Aye!"
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Now that I've had a chance to play more games...

Galuf: Please! When I was your age we crossed burning sand everyday and liked it! Come on, Bartz!

Bartz: What's up with the turtle? *hits the turtle's shell*
Galuf: Bartz, stop that!
Bartz: But it's fun! Poke, poke, poke...
Turtle: Would you stop that!?
Bartz: Sweet Christmas, it's a talking turtle!

Locke: Terra...wait for me...And watch out for a certain lecherous young king who shall remain nameless. The guy moves in like a hawk.
Edgar: Locke!
Sabin: Edgar...Old habits die hard, eh?

Celes: Why are you helping me?
Locke: You remind me a lot of someone...What's it matter, anyway? I'm helping you because I want to!

Setzer: *sigh*...Not an ounce of fashion sense among the lot of you....Excuse me, sir. Could you order another set of clothes like the ones I'm wearing?
Group Member: Setzer, no! We're trying to make him look better, not worse!

I could put a lot more from either of these games. sweatdrop
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"The price of freedom is steep." ~Zack
"...whatever" -Squall (FF VIII)
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"I don't care if it's in the past or what. I want to hear Rinoa. I want to see Rinoa. That way, there might be a chance to save her." - Squall, FFVIII
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I don't remember the exact quote. But it had to deal with Rikku being scared of lightning cool
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Aw, man, I know I already posted a million years ago, but I came across this one recently:

Alba: You don’t mean to summon a meteor so that the lifestream comes together and you can be reborn as a god, do you!?
The Mask: I… what?

Ugh, I need to play Dimensions ;u;
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I like big butts and I cannot lie. ~Cut up quotes from several FF's.

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