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Alright, I knew threads like this have been around before but I am curious what parts ALWAYS make you cry no matter how many times you see them? Some parts you can cry the first few times but then the whole thing wears off and after that you don't cry anymore, you have just gotten used to the sadness of it all, but is there a part or two that ALWAYS makes you cry regardless?

For me, no matter how many times I see the ending to Final Fantasy IX I always cry, I loved Vivi (fave Black Mage EVER!) And knowing he is the one who is speaking through all of that and saying goodbye etc just makes it so sad, I just can't not cry no matter how many times I see it, the ending is a bitter sweet ending that, whilst I am glad that it is a happy ending I just wish he could of been there also to join in with everyone also even if he did leave his 'kids', it just isn't the same.

Don't get me wrong, it is sweet that he did leave his kids and that his memory lives on with them and the rest of the party but still, whilst I would never change the ending (it is a great ending and ties in with the game perfectly etc) a part of me wishes we could of seen Vivi one last time before we knew for certain he had finally stopped, like maybe seeing him make his children, that would of been SO sweet seeing him speak of Zidane and co and the adventures they had.

Yes, I know it would of, in a way, been a pointless scene to add and I wouldn't change the game but meh, it still would of been sweet.
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- Final Fantasy X: Kilika Sending. gonk
- Final Fantasy VII: Aeris dying.
- Final Fantasy IX: Vivi ending scenes, Garnet leaving Zidane at the Lifa Tree.
- Final Fantasy X-2: A Thousand Words concert scene.
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FFX scene with Tidus and Yuna in the pool where 'Suteki da Ne' plays. Such a beautiful scene and song.
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FFX scene with Tidus and Yuna in the pool where 'Suteki da Ne' plays. Such a beautiful scene and song.

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The two flashbacks of little Seymour and his mother in Zanarkand and Baaj. Where he's pleading with her not to go through with becoming an aeon, because he needs her, because she's the only one who even cares. And then he's in Baaj, all alone sobbing, and you realize he's gonna be there for like another ten years. Alone.

Holy s**t. It gets me every time. I don't even have to watch it to cry. I'm literally tearing up right now just thinking of it. emo
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[{“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something.
You certainly usually find something...

In FFX where all the Guardians are on Bikanel Island and Tidus finds out that Yuna has to die to defeat Sin. crying And he kept thinking of all the things he told her they'd do after she defeated Sin, and realized she knew she could never do them but smiled with him anyway...

And just ugh. So sad. And then Tidus is the one who "dies" in the end, not Yuna. Wtf?

...if you look, but it is not always quite
the something you were after.”}]
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Nothing Compares to the final battle of Zack in Final Fantasy:Crisis Core. You fight over and over and over....and then the wheel starts breaking, memories start fadeing...but you keep fighting you hope this isnt the end that you could change the course of FF7 history....but it is to no avail....

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Nothing ever.
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Nothing ever.

Ditto on this.
            ^i can't say there's a scene that always makes me cry. i get over it eventually.
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Two in FF6-

First is the Opera scene with Celes, to this day I have to keep a tissue whenever I hear the hauntingly beautiful score that plays during. The play itself is a bit heartbreaking, the way that her character clings on to the memory of Draco and when all seems lost and for naught, there he is. Just as he promised, he has returned in her darkest hour.

Second, Cid's death and the following attempted suicide of Celes after. You're introduced to a side of Cele and Cid's relationship that you didn't quite see before, like the Cids before him, he's picked up a sort of fatherly role to her and grows on the player. But if you ail at keeping him healthy, he slowly passes away, thanking Celes for his time with her and that's when it dawns on you. YOU did this, YOU failed to keep him healthy. Going back and actually accomplishing it, while a weaker ending to be sure, drives home this point. Heart-broken and devastated, Celes realizes that the last person she had in the world is gone. She is alone now. Alone in a dying world. So she makes her way up to the cliffs to end it there. And that's when you notice it, it's a step by step recreation of the Opera scene, music and all, as she makes her up. But all is not lost, as she hurls herself down the cliff, she is somehow saved from her fate. Awakened once more on the beach, she finds the headband of Locke, her love interest, that inspires her and renews her drive before she sets off into the new world thanks to...Thanks to a craft that Cid worked himself to death in order to build for her, for the Celes he wanted to live on.

Manly tears were shed.
X's ending always.
the people and the friends we have lost
and the dreams that have faded...
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Red XIII finding out the truth about his father. That s**t is probably the most human thing I've seen in Final Fantasy and it was from a dog/cat thing. But daddy things always yank a tear from me.
Ah, well I've played, watched and talked about the FF so I'm not sure if I could cry at certain parts of the games. stare

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