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the ending for crisis core i cried for an hour same for FFX and FFXIII tho XIII was a sad yet happy ending crying
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Aeris death in FFVII got a sniffle out of me and then I bawled when you had to fight Jenova while her theme was playing.

Another time was when you learn more about Vincent's and Lucretia's back story in Dirge of Cerberus. Too tragic.

The only other time I cried in was Crisis Core, when Zack died. You see all of his friends and memories and then when Cloud screams I lost it.
I don't actually cry, per se, but I do get teary eyed from the scenes in X where Sin destroys Kilika and Yuna's Sending the dead moments later.
FF IX - I want to be your Canary, the final scene at the ending of the game, When Zidane as Marcus takes off the Cloak revealing that it is him and says to Bring Dagger/Garnet back to him. That part was so touching cause he's been gone for like a year.
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Rinoa almost dying in space, the tune 'Drifting' still makes me all teary-eyed when I hear it.
And Zidane being reunited with the team in Pandemonium with 'You're not alone' playing.
The end of 'I want to be your Canary' does it too.
Also the end of VI, just the whole epic escape scene with those flashbacks in between, it's all so overwhelming.
Squall and Rinoa in the Ragnarok.

Also, Tidus fading away at the end of X.
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Squall and Rinoa in the Ragnarok.

Also, Tidus fading away at the end of X.

I love how that scene in Ragnarok has the piano Eyes on Me playing. Such a beautiful song.
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As stupid as it may sound, in FFXII when Reddas sacrifices himself to destroy the Sun Cryst (yes, i'm a Reddas fan...). No matter how many times I see that part...it never gets easier crying
When I first played FF7 like a thousand years ago, Red XIII finding out about his father's true sacrifice was very sad.
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FFX- Kilika Sending, Tidus Fading.
Final Fantasy 7 - Aeris dying - even whilst fighting Jenova with the music playing i'm crying! The general sadness of the music I tear up if I hear even if i'm not playing it!
Final Fantasy 8 - When Squall saves Rinoa from being sent into space and they hug and you can sense the emotion *sniff*
Final Fantasy 9 - ANYTHING to do with Vivi... When Vivi's character was sad I was sad also! Wasn't fair I always cried whenever there was a scene where he was upset spesh when the black waltz killed all of the black mages on the cargo ship before lindblum
Final Fantasy 10 - When you find out Yuna "has to die" to kill sin. Also in the water scene with Yuna and Tidus AND also at the end when he's dissapearing that was sad!
Final Fantasy 10-2 - Didn't really cry at that one...
Final Fantasy 12 - Can't remember crying at that one...
Final Fantasy 13 - Most cut scenes I well up at haha
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When I first played FF7 like a thousand years ago, Red XIII finding out about his father's true sacrifice was very sad.

That got to me as well
This part didn't make me cry, but tear up.
Final Fantasy XI - Fickblix dying. Poor Goblin just wanted everyone to get along.
Aeris's Death always makes me cry especially after the fight with Jenova when the characters say their good byes to her and when Cloud carries her to the lake and puts her body to rest. No matter how many times I watch it, it always makes me cry.
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Never actually cried, but the top jerkers for me were
- Aerith's death (hits home if her song is playing during just the right spot when Cloud puts her down in the lake)
- Cid's death (FF VI) I just want to hurry on with the game but damnit it still chokes me up to this day. Celes is alone, she has no one left in this dying world, she attempts suicide but lives, and is brought hope that Locke and her friends survived. It's a tough scene, no doubt about it. Really hits when Forever Rachel starts playing.
- Tidus fading away at the end of X. This was probably the closest I came to tearing up the first time I watched it.

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