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I had been interested for a while but every game was rated T and I was too young to play or I didn't have the system...but I could watch PG-13 movies...so I saw Advent Children at some store and went home and got it from the local library network. I really blame this guy who was in my study hall once, though...I started talking about Kingdom Hearts and I knew that some of the characters were from FF, and he liked FF7, which just got me really interested. I never saw the guy again, though...well, I'm glad that I talked to him that one time, FF is awesome... Wow, that's a lot to type on an iPod. My fingers hurt. sad
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My dad and brother use to play it infront of me when I was little, so i decided to give it a go myself. The first one I played was Final Fantasy 7. emotion_dowant
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I started on III for the DS after seeing a commercial for it. It looked interesting and I had nothing better to play, so I got it.

A couple years later, IV came out for the DS and I really got into the series.
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User Image It started when my friend lend me Final Fantasy 7 and from there I've enjoyed the series emotion_yatta

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I think I was like 7 or so... My sister brought home Final Fantasy : Advent Children. Watched it I was like.. " Whoa that looks awesome!" I decided to buy 12 for ps2 and I played it for about 7 hours straight. I thought ,back then, the story was like sequals but they weren't but all in all they were good. Didn't actually play any other ff titles below 10.( Just read the story plots) I'm 14 now and I finished ffXIII-2 like three weeks ago.... Waiting for new titles to come out nowz biggrin
Chrono Trigger originally got me into RPGs/Final Fantasy because I played the hell out of that game over and over.

But if it had to be a game from the actual series, then maybe FF6 or FF9 grounded my love for it.
Well I first came across Final Fantasy characters while playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. But I had always thought the games were really old and weren't in production anymore. But after meeting this friend of mines and watching Advent Children with her it suddenly dawned... 'These are the characters that appeared in Kingdom Hearts!' So from there I looked up a bunch of the games and ordered Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy X... the rest has been history!
I got a Playstation and my mom's friend at work had a whole bunch of demo discs which I could borrow from Playstation Underground.

It contained Final Fantasy 7.

I remember playing it with this childish attitude like "AHHH, ********' FINAL FANTASY. WHAT A STOOOPID GAME. WHO PLAYS THIS s**t".
Just this silly game you always hear about and know nothing about... has 7 titles, what the hell!

So I played it and... well it was kinda fun. Took a while to figure out how to attack, I remember it took me 3 battles to actually win against those two soldiers. I was a very stupid kid... haha.

Anyways, I always just randomly would ask myself "What... the hell is Gil?. The currency is completely useless in the demo, and I also thought it was funny how... I don't think you can level your characters either.

My friend eventually bought it. I remember thinking it was SO far into the game when you escaped Midgar because it was just so odd that the city was so big.... and boom, there's a world outside that city. I dunno, kinda feels like a different game once you leave Midgar.
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watching my cousin plays FF6 in SNES.
well... it was long time ago tho
anyway, first FF game I've ever played was FF8
love the game until now
My mom bought me FFVIII for my birthday the year it came out along with the PS1 after asking the toy store employees what they recommended (for an 11 year old girl? Really, Toys R Us?). I thought it looked dumb, so I didn't touch it.

Later that year, while visiting my uncle for a couple of weeks, he told me he had this awesome game that I had to try out. It was FFVII, and I played the crap out of that game every day for those two weeks. He let me keep it, and I fell in love, and shortly afterward discovered fanart and fanfiction. Oh yes. Middle school was a nerdy time for me.

I've owned each game in the series, minus the MMORPG, since then and am working my way through the boring but lovely FFXIII as I write this. I haven't loved any of them since FFIX sad
My friends kinda did xD They talked about it a lot and I was like "I wanna play!" So I got Crisis Core and I was like OMG and I have been addicted ever since.
The music did it for me. Then the story. Thats how I find my RPGs.
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this is a bit sad but
Aerith and Red XIII

i saw my bro play FFVII and i saw them and boom i was hooked
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I got into Final Fantasy after watching Advent Children and playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I thought it looked cool after watching the movie but really wanted to play it after fighting Leon in the Underworld battles in Kingdom Hearts 2.
Well, my cousin got me hooked on the Kingdom Hearts games, and then my friend mentioned how she liked FF, so I decided to watch Advent Children.... It just sort of evolved from there. xd

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