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the entirety of the ffviii and ffx soundtracks
i love them both equally and eternally

Yesss. emotion_kirakira
Premonition - the track that plays during Edea's boss battles.
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"The Price Of Freedom".

Or "To Zanarkand".
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I think that FF games are one of the best games of the whole world and if I think about music of these games I usually think about Nabuo Uematsu's compositions. Of course in these games there are a lot of compositions of another composers, but in my opinion, Nabuo Uematsu is that man who made FF games are favorite for many people. Do you agree?
Every time these threads appear..

Final Fantasy IX is his best work. Every track is amazing.

Along with everything else he does. It's impossible to pick just a few. I'm sure I could select 100 amazing tracks in a matter of minutes.
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Quana Qu
Quana much enjoy "Qu's Marsh". Drums are good, yes?!

I agree
Theme of Love- Final Fantasy IV
Dancing Mad- Final Fantasy VI
One Winged Angel- Final Fantasy VII
The Extreme- Final Fantasy VII
You're Not Alone- Final Fantasy IX
To Zanakand- Final Fantasy X
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Final Fantasy theme.
it usually plays during the credit.
8 and 9 got the best version
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Maybe I'm a lion from Final Fantasy 8 probably has to be my favorite from Nobuo Uematsu.
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Otherworld from the battle against Jecht near the end of FFX. I spent a long time fighting that battle, mainly so that I could listen to that song.
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FF I-Chaos Shrine (not the sound I was expecting from such a name)
FF II-Rebels theme
FF IV-It's between the "Theme of Love" and the "Main theme" (or what you could call the map music)
FF VII-The Nightmare Begins
FF VIII-The Oath (the orchestrated version is beautiful)
FF IX- I really loved a lot of this soundtrack so it's really hard to just choose one song I guess some of them would be "Messenger of Destruction", "Freya's Theme","Terra", "Jesters of the Moonless Sky", and "Vamo' Alla Flamenco"...but looking at the song list...there are just so many of them that I like. gonk
FF X- Though he wasn't the only working on it "Zanarkand" I especially love the Distant Worlds Version. I was so happy when I could buy an orchestra version crying I loved this song even before I played the game having heard my brother playing it on the piano.
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Someday the Dream Will End - FFX
Aerith's Theme - FFVII
One-Winged Angel - FFVII
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Someday the dream will end.......

And To Zanarkand <3333333
"Path of Repentance" from Final Fantasy X heart
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I think my favorite pieces have to be To Zanarkand and Yuna's Theme. I love so much of the music he has composed for the Final Fantasy series. He has a massive talent for music.

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