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First post: Intro and TEH TABLE OF CONTENTS. razz

Second post: What is and is not Final Fantasy?

Third post: The sticky threads - what and why!

Fourth post: Moderators - what we do.

Fifth post: If you have a problem, CONTACT US. This is how!

Sixth post: About posting rumours and similar content (AKA, AERITH REALLY, REALLY CANNOT BE REVIVED!!)

(This will be added to as needed.)
What is and is not Final Fantasy?

In short, a game is considered Final Fantasy if its name is Final Fantasy ______. As of this post, the following Final Fantasy games are known to exist:


Final Fantasy
FF II (Japan only)
FF I+II (Japan only)
FF III (Japan only)


FF Adventure (in Japan, this was Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden.)

SNES/Super Famicom:

FF IV Hard Type (Japan only)
FF IV Easy Type (released as FF II outside of Japan)
FF V (Japan only)
FF VI (released as FF III outside of Japan)
FF USA: Mystic Quest


FF VII (also released by Eidos for the PC)
FF VIII (just like VII, released on the PC; this time, by Square directly.)
FF Tactics
FF Origins (contains remixes of I and II)
FF Chronicles (contains IV Hard Type)
FF Anthology (contains V and VI)


FF X International (outside of NA)
FF X-2 (sequel to X)
FF XI (online game)
FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus


FF Tactics Advance
FF 1+2: Dawn of Souls
FF 4
FF 5
FF 6


FF Crystal Chronicles


FF7 Before Crisis

Nintendo DS:

FF: Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (Dec 06 release in Japan.)
FF12: Revenant Wings (unknown JP release.)
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

PSP (Playstation Portable):

FF 1 (20th Anniversary Edition)
FF 2 (20th Anniversary Edition)
FF7: Crisis Core
FF Tactics: The Lion War
Dissidia Final Fantasy
FF13 Agito

Playstation 3:
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 13 Versus


FF Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

ANYTHING that is not on the above list is NOT a Final Fantasy game! (Unless it hasn't been updated in a while.)

In addition, there are FIVE current Final Fantasy anime/movie productions, that are considered FF for this forum's purpose. (Thanks, Essy.)

FF: Legend of the Crystals (based on FF V)
FF Unlimited
FF: The Spirits Within
FF: Advent Children (sequel to FFVII; NOTE that this has a sticky.)
FF: Last Order (prequel to FFVII. This is a short, 20-25 minute anime.)


-Final Fantasy Legend: These three Gameboy games are NOT Final Fantasy games (an exception to the rule) since, in Japan, they're actually the first three games of Romancing Saga.

-Chrono Trigger: It's packed in with FFIV as part of Chronicles, but it is nonetheless NOT a FF game.

-Kingdom Hearts, KH2, and Ehrgeiz: These three games have FF characters in them; however, they are NOT FF games.

-Chocobo's Dungeon, Chocobo Racing: Incredibly cute games, but NOT FF in spite of literally drippin' with all things FF-ly in them.

-Any other games, regardless of who makes them: Obviously NOT FF.

The Sticky Threads: What are they, and why are they here?

Basically, sticky threads are bumped automatically by their "Sticky:" label, so that they never leave the top of page one. We have three basic reasons to create sticky threads:

1. Information.

A sticky like the one you happen to be reading right now is provided so that you, the user, can learn something about how the forum operates, and any special rules that apply in one forum as opposed to others. Some forums are stricter in certain types of rules enforcement; for example, this forum does not welcome spammy threads the way that Chatterbox does. It's always good to read the stickys of a forum that you visit, for the sake of getting information.

2. Flood control.

Some stickys are created because too many threads were being created about a topic or related sets of topics, and they were pushing down the rest of the topics in the forum. It is kinda hard to discuss exactly how the techno-baroque beats of "Dancing Mad" stack up to the neo-classical grooves of "One Winged Angel" if that topic keeps winding up on page three because SSJ4Imanuuby and his friends all wanna make threads about "OMG who is hoter TIffa or Aries" or "could is teh bestest sordzman in the world aroun sux"
So, for problem threads, stickys are created. That way, those threads (in theory) get the appropriate attention, leaving the rest of the forum for everyone else.


Final Fantasy Forum's STICKY threads, and what they cover!!

1. Favourite/Sexiest Characters/Villains. This thread is designed for you to talk about which characters you like. Who's the hottest, who's the most evil, who's the best sword-eater, who would win, who would Cloud date... they all go in this sticky.

2. What is yer favourite game, and why! This thread, of course, is created to let you talk about which games you like. Here, you can argue "Which is better, FF7 or 8?" and why you like a particular game in the FF series.

2.5. The bad and the hated: what sucks? The corollary to favourite characters and games, the hate sticky is for Comedy Central-type Roasts, general ranting, and venting of hatred toward anything Final Fantasy. Of course, discussion is welcome.

3. The Final Fantasy VII Thread. This sticky covers ALL discussions about FFVII.

4. Final Fantasy XII This one focuses on number 12, of course. Anticipate one for 13 when that game finally hits the stores.

The following topics are considered REDUNDANT TO STICKY and will be moved to the Recycle Bin:

"_______ is the best/favourite game/character/summoned monster/aeon / etc"
"_______ sux / rulz / pwnz / is ghey / etc"
"_______ is the hottest/sexiest/cutest character/summoned monster/aeon/villain/ etc"
"[Poll:] _______ vs _______: who would win?"
ALL discussions about FFVII
ALL discussions about Aerith's death and/or revival
ALL discussions about the situation between Brother/Yuna

This is not an exhaustive list, but should give general guidelines as to what feeds Forum 77.

FURTHERMORE: Discussions which make use of the Al Bhed language, which are redundant to sticky or otherwise not topical to this Final Fantasy forum, will also be removed. This rule is the same for any languages, whether spoken by Earthlings, elves, Klingons, Wookiees, or anything else.

It bears repeating that Al Bhed Speak, in and of itself, is not topical discussion; hence, topics such as "Tu oui cbayg Al Bhed" and "Cbayg Al Bhed rana" are considered spam.

CONCERNING ENIX: All discussions about "Enix ruined Final Fantasy" get recycled; while the two companies are one, their operations are separately handled; thus, the two groups do not "ruin" each other.

CONCERNING FLASH MOVIES: Unless there's serious discussions about these movies (for example, those done by Legendary Frog) there's no need to discuss them here. Most of us can access Newgrounds and find most of them anyway. 3nodding

CONCERNING PICTURE POSTS: Posting pictures that you did not draw is not only rude, but not allowed on Gaia. So don't do it.
Edit: 8.30.05If you wish to post pictures that you *did* draw, you may do so; however, if too many threads come to exist of this sort, then this permission may have to be revised. In other words, try to find existing threads similar to the one you want before you go and make another.

CONCERNING CONTESTS: Contests are not a hot-bed of discussion. As this is a forum based on discussion, they are not appropriate, and will be removed.

CONCERNING GURU THREADS: The main forum's ruling on Guru threads ("Ask me for help on ______ here!" wink is in effect: such threads, if encountered, will be moved to the chatterbox.

Game Faqs and other websites have plenty of gurus, in the form of FAQs. It's all right to ask for help on a game here, but please don't make threads that are basically Q&A's for providing help.

The reason is that it entices some individuals to really attempt to test the limits of a "guru's" knowledge; moreover, it is possible, if hopefully unlikely, that a "guru" could just refer to more knowledgeable sources anyway.

CONCERNING THE "REMAKE" TECH DEMO OF THE FFVII ON PS3: Seriously, let this topic rest. Whatever Nomura decides to do with his cash cow is his business, and his alone; and the the incessant hypotheses as to whether or not it will happen, have become tiresome. Thus, as a "done to death" topic, further topics on it will be recycled.

CONCERNING LOOK-ALIKE THREADS: "Do I look like a Final Fantasy character?" topics are not allowed in this forum. There is no game discussion involved, so these topics will be promptly moved to the Chatterbox.
About the Moderators.

Basically, moderators (often referred to as mods) are users, just like everyone else, but with extra abilities and responsibilities. There are various sorts, but all are identified with green names and identifying titles under their names.

Admins, the controllers of the site itself, have orange names.

Developers should not be approached for moderating issues, but are marked with brown names.

Now, for the obvious questions.

1. "How do I become a mod?" In short, by being helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, and at least somewhat capable of holding your own in a debate. And, bear in mind, that there's one of us for about every 7500 users. Paring down those users who are mules, newbies, spammers, or Art Arena-only users, you might have a 1:3000 chance. At best. You can apply for the mod position, though.

2. "How do I become an admin?" The admins are paid employees of Gaia Interactive. If you wish to join them, it'll be about as hard as landing any other such job --- gotta submit a resume to them.
How and when to contact a mod!!

First, the WHEN.

1. If a thread needs moved.

Many people like to run into a thread that is either in the WRONG FORUM (ie, about something that is NOT Final Fantasy) or is REDUNDANT TO STICKY (ie, a topic covered by the sticky threads.) Then, what they do is to make posts to the effect that the thread is misplaced and need to be moved.

All the while, this activity merely serves to "bump" the thread up to the top, which defeats the intent of the statement as well as the stickys. Not to mention that some people might be TROLLS that post wrong-forum just to get such responses, or may otherwise take a post the wrong way and flame you right back.

I am aware that some users have images or advice that are actually helpful; however, we are instituting a general crackdown, all across Gaia, of those that generally poke threads in this manner. The advice is best delivered by PM, if the receiver of that advice is actually a newbie.

This isn't the fault of anyone or any forum in particular --- it's just a rather serious problem across Gaia that must be dealt with... across Gaia.

2. If someone starts flaming you.

Remember this advice: Retreat to win. If someone goes on the attack, and starts flaming you, it is NEVER a good idea to flame back. Nor is it a good idea to start protecting your friends by way of a counter flame. All it'll end up doing is to make you look like as much of a rules violator as the other fellow, and subject you to the other's punishment as well.

3. If you smell a troll.

Trolls are really stinky... they reek of flammable oils, and such people really want you to flame them. Don't. This invariably leads to flame wars, which are really disruptive and tend to pull other people into them.

4. If someone links to Outwar, Dark Age of Wythia, or similar referral-war links.

These links lead to generally unprotected websites where hackers tend to ply their trade. Nasty stuff.

Basically, if one of these four situations pops up, the proper course of action is to PM A MODERATOR or USE THE REPORT SYSTEM.


1. If the THREAD is the problem: Let's say that a thread is redundant of a sticky, or a hangout thread or something. At the bottom of the page will be a button "Report this Thread." Click that, and then use the report to describe the problem.

2. If the POST is the problem: Someone flames you, trolls for yer flames, posts "100% 1337 HARDKORE PR0NZ" or otherwise spams. As part of the user's post will be a button "Report this Post."

If and only if there is a problem with the post, click "Report this post." If, however, you only want to QUOTE the post, then click "QUOTE."
Miscellaneous guidelines:

1. Necromancy.

In general terms, necromancy is the practice of bringing a topic to the first page (that is, bumping) in which no posts have been generated for some period of time (for this forum's purpose, one week shall suffice.) This is often (but not always) considered disruptive behaviour, identical to spam.

In short. If you're looking for a topic, and it doesn't exist within the first TEN (10) pages of the forum, and it's not redundant to this forum's stickys, then it might be better to create the topic instead of looking farther back.

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