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Definitely not the VII Masamune. It's a three meter long sword, the actual width and relative curvature of a katana. If the air didn't snap it in half, the first solid object it struck would.

I'd go with Laguna's SMG. Simple and effective, and in the real world you could always carry a melee weapon to back it up. 3nodding
gunblade one of the best weopons
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Masamune and the revolver gunblade are my fav by far.
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Rune Blade from FF VI. I just love the option to use Runic in battles.

Or mage mashers. Just cuz they sound fun. (*whack*)
I have three things, the Ultima Blade( cerca the origional), and the spell Holy from the original.
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I always loved Cloud's Organics sword. It was my favorite the first time I played through, and it's still one of my favorite weapons in the series.
Tidus's Brotherhood also has an amazing design. Water is my thing, so a water sword is the thing for me.
I tend to play the white mage role in games, so I'd probably pick one of Yuna's staves. (I particularly like the green and blue swirly one.)
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I'd have to say the Venus Gospel.
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To be specific, my favourite weapon would be Kain's Lance.
It it was a certain weapon class, I'd choose Lances & Spears.
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For the lulz, I'd use Relm's paint brushes. biggrin

In all seriousness, I'd probably handle the Masamune the best... It's a little longer than I'm used to, but I'm pretty decent with a sword, and can even duel wield quite well.
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I would dual wield knives and the main one would be the chicken knife from ff5 and the other one I would alternate between mage masher and dancing dagger of course theres other knifes I like but can't remember the names of them
I would probably use the Yuffie/Cissnei weapon I like the idea of it striking the target and then returning to you, although I would definitely want a close range weapon on the off chance it got stuck or something.

And the obvious choice to me is the Squall/Lightning gunblade. You can attack up close with the blade or from a safe distance with the gun part therefore I'm completely sold. From a practical standpoint I think its the best. Though I also just really like Yuffie and Cissnei's weapon of choice.
Ultima weapon-FF VI
Masamune- FF1
FF III- Onion Sword
FF IV- Kain's Holy Lance and Cecil's Ragnarok

would want to weild these items. (opinion)

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