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mainly blood weapons. I'm assuming we're wielding these weapons in the real world where there aren't stats, but even if not, I have a soft spot for vampire weapons.
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Squall's Lionheart would of course be one of my top picks, along with Laguna's Golden Machine Gun.

Hmm...then either Brotherhood, the Yagyu Darkblade, or Zantetsuken. But above all is definitely Lionheart.
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Blood sword.
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buster sword and gunblade
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FFXII's Demonsbane, 'cause its blade is rainbow-colored, and I'm a sucker for pretty things. emotion_kirakira
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Lightning's kickass gunblade.
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Caius' Oblivion Blade. It's very dramatic, I'd also mimic his stance, the "******** you I'm always blocking and your attacks don't matter" stance.
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lightnings gun blade
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Zidane's ultima weapon or.........


Marche's pizza cutter judgement blade scream scream
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Either Squall's gunblade, Lightning's gunblade, or Vincent's gun Cerberus (the newer more special looking version from DoC).
Either Zidane's dual sword, The Ogre.
Or, and these are a very, very close second choice, Tidus' swords.
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Not a single one is badly designed. Although if i had to choose, either the Danse Macabre (bloody brilliant name), which is third from the left on the top row. Or the Avenger, second from the left bottom row.
i think that the best weapons from final fantasy 7 is cloud strife's buster blade and sephiroth's masamune .
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Tifa's Premium Heart~ heart
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I choose Steiner's Blood Sword from FFIX. Not only does it have the awesome blood stained colour, it will heal me everytime I attack somebody.
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Light's Glaidus gunblade from XIII has always been my favorite. A gunblade with a sleek silhouette that actually fires live ammo.

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