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The first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the SNES
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Final Fantasy IV!
Looked at it once, and I never let go.
Now, I'm just waiting for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns...
FFX when it was first released, the cover caught my eye and I just had to have it ^^
FF the first one whee
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The first one I played was FFVIII on playstation because my neighbor had it and she was the one who introduced me to the series when I was a kid :3
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The first final fantasy i played was 10-2. it got me into the whole series and other square enix games. x3
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exclaim FFX exclaim

I was walking around a Blockbuster looking for something and it called out to me. It was fate whee
Shoot, I'm not really sure myself...I think it was FFIII? I know the first one I finished was IV
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First one I played was the original Final Fantasy.
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Hm can't remember but I think it was FF 1! The graphics were still all pixel-ish like those in classic RPG games.
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Probably VI.
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Final Fantasy VIII was mine. First one I owned too. I plaied 7 and 9 soon after that.
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Final Fantasy IX heart First played it about 10 years ago, when I was about 11 or so. cat_whee I still enjoy playing it & it's one of my favorite games <33
First one I played was Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on SNES, then vii, and X.
first one i beat was Tactics Advance
The first disc of VII, I found it in a parking lot as a kid and decided to try it out.
It was very depressing when I found out I needed more discs to finish the game.

Tactics was the first one I played all the way through.

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