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My first Final Fantasy was FFX-2.
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Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X when it first came out. I have to say I was a late bloomer, but I have gone back and played the old ones since. =)
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The first FF game I played was Final Fantasy X. I thought it was so cool at that young age.
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That would be Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for SNes, followed by (Us3)/Japan6,
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The first FF I played was FFVI (although it was on the SNES, so it was titled FF3), but it was my uncle's game and he didn't like me playing it, so I didn't get to play much of it.

The first FF I owned was FFIX, and from there I built my collection so that I now own FFI-FFXII, excluding XI, Tactics (for PS1), Tactics Advance, and Tactics A2.
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i think it was ff 10. its been many years since i played that game. first time I heard of final fantasy was from friends. it would not be until 5 years until I actually get my hands on a ff game
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ff 9 was my first
Final Fantasy IV but I never got very far.
Final Fantasy X is where I got into the series.
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biggrin ff12 and it's the best biggrin
FFVII, that's what hooked me into the series and I've loved them all.
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IX, with VIII being attempted the same day. I liked IX more, so it was also the first one bought and finished.
ff VII <3
thus i got addicted playing all of them.
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Final Fantasy X. First and Favorite!

              I'm shocked I don't see more side final fantasy games.

              My first FF game was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, for the gameboy. I then moved to the main FF games and the first one of those was FFX, like most, apparently.

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