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First fully completed game was FFVI and continued from there. I loved them all the way to XI, when it went online and I played for 2-3 years. Didn't like how they changed the combat in XII, and thus only played a few hours of that and haven't played any of the new ones. Also, still not sure how I feel about FFXIV being a revamp of XI. FF:CC was different, and a lot of fun. Dissidia, and Dissidia 012 were great as well, just because I friggin' love fighting games. Basically,

Final Fantasy is great, and dang, I need to replay them!
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First one I ever played was 7 and I still remember the feeling I had watching the opening scene - cause I get that same feeling even when I play it now.
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Hmm..The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy X-2. ; u;
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started with VII but it was a borrowed copy. first fully beaten was XII. I'm restarting VII for the billionth time because every time I get my hands on it something happens and I cannot finish the game. this time will be different.
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first one i played - the final fantasy in 1992 first one i beat final fantasy 3 (snes) or 6 in japanese numbers. best. game. ever.
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First one I played was FFX-2 then FFXII then FFX.
My cousin has the movie but I don't know which one sweatdrop .
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FF7, borrowed it from a friend, got hooked and it remains my favourite to this day. Probably my first completed one too, that or FF8
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Final Fantasy IX

By far my favorite. Everyone talked about Final Fantasy VII so bought it and never made it past the first disc. Boring. Slow. Over hyped and i despise it.
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First one ever? That'd be VIII, though I still play I & II on my gameboy, yes, i still have one. stare
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Kaiser Valdemar
Final Fantasy IX

By far my favorite. Everyone talked about Final Fantasy VII so bought it and never made it past the first disc. Boring. Slow. Over hyped and i despise it.
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Pretty much this. Except when I finally bothered to get VII and play I didn't totally hate it. It's just not that great to me and definitely is over hyped.

█████████████ ████████xxx© E x c u s e . M e ! ©xxx████████ █████████████
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It's a tie between Final Fantasy Origins and Final Fantasy VII, since I got them both at the same time about six years ago. I'm still grateful that I got the two at once, since they're each an introduction to a Final Fantasy generation, in a sense. I believe that if I got one, but not the other, I wouldn't appreciate the wholeness of the franchise today.

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