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i first played final fantasy 10 and then played twelve and e final fantasy now!
Final fantasy ten.
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Visio of course and its my favorite still.
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Final Fantasy X was my first game i played, i was over at my now ex-bf house and saw it ask asked about it, which then was followed by a rant about me needing to learn more about games and him having me play the game.... next pay check i went out and get myself a ps2 and the game
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I first played Final Fantasy X which was classic! FFX-2 sucked, hated the darned spherechange sequences and dressphere system. Gippal and Baralai are hot though! X)
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Gonna say that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was my first Final Fantasy back when I was 7 or 8 and no matter what anyone says it has some of the best music. Though my first real Final Fantasy that got me into the series was Final Fantasy II/IV on Snes which my best friend let me play. I now own his copy after trading him and still have it to this very day and it still works.
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I played X-2 first, then X. I know, that's backwards, but aside from wondering who "You know who" was, I wasn't that confused. And X was a lot more interesting to me after seeing X-2.
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4.bought the cart from a gamestop close out,second rpg ever played.
Final Fantasy VII then IX, IX I enjoyed much more than VII
I believe it was IV.. 3nodding
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I believe either Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy III were my first Final Fantasy games. I loved playing Final Fantasy ever since I was around 3 or 4.

Because it was a "greatest hit" at the time I bought it. I sucked at it so bad because lol ******** the stone dragon on the airship and resorted to gameshark.

I was like, 12 at that time LOL.
At the age of 8 years old (2000 ), my cousin sold me his FF 7,8,9,Tactics (Ps1) for $20.00 (THEY WERE SEALED UP AT THE TIME!!!! New conditioned), my 1st owned of the Series 12 years ago. Great question. well, FF 1 NES played it back in 1996(First FF game ever played). Ever since my 1st time ever OWNING FF 7,8,9, and Tactics, later on in my life collected the other #'s (EXCLUDING FF 11 and 14)plus some NON-# series such as TACTICS A2 (DS) Echoes of Time (DS) the Actual anime of FINAL FANTASY UNLIMITED, from collecting most FF series, from FF 1-XIII-2, loved the series and dislike none because I enjoyed playing the series,all FF characters are great such as, Warrior of Light (FF1),Leon(FFII),Refia(FF III), Cecil (Both; FF IV) X-Death (FF V), Celes (FF VI), Tifa (FF VII), Zell (FF VIII), VIVI (FF IX), Tidus (FF X), Yuna (FF X-2), Balthier (FF XII), Lightning (FF XIII), Lightning (FF XIII-2) are my #1 favorites, the others are great too!

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Mine was the original Final Fantasy. *snuggles her NES cart*
the one for the nintendo hated it 3nodding

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