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I just tweak Aerith's name to its proper translation and that's really about it.
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Nope I don't do that, it kinda ruins the feeling unless it's a bad translation then I might change it.
I love giving them silly retarded names... and the jerk characters Steiner something like buttface, because he is one. emotion_donotwant
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As a kid I loved naming my characters silly names or after friends, best friends, family, pets and guys I liked. However as I got older I now hate changing character names from what they were originally. Although when I was younger I use to name Barret from FF7 Barbie and I'd always make the main male character named after my crush at the time and the main female character or the female character that I liked best after my self.. like FF8 I'd always name Rinoa after me. Now I HATE changing the names D': I don't know why but it bothers me to do so! even in other games like Pokemon and Zelda haha.. sweatdrop
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I always refused to change a characters name.
I did name characters in the first game after my friends though.
I named my melee character after myself.
My white mage after whoever I had a crush on.
My thief after my best friend.
And my black mage after another friend.
Umm.... does calling Tidus a little b***h count? In all seriousness though, I don't really have any names actually picked out, but I think Snow could have been given a more macho sounding name.
I'm a purist in how I don't rename people. Even Aeris I keep as Aeris. But I'm also too old school for Aerith.
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Normally, I keep the canon names.

Sometimes, though, I change somebody's name to, "Fluffy."
Other times I give everyone the same name.
And you're lying if you've never named Amarant, "Gay."
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xx Cookie-Boots xx
Normally, I keep the canon names.

Sometimes, though, I change somebody's name to, "Fluffy."
Other times I give everyone the same name.
And you're lying if you've never named Amarant, "Gay."

The Flaming Gay. lol
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I personally dislike renaming characters because it just...well it sort of takes away the FEELS and what makes the character.

But whenever I do, I tend to name them after some of my OCs
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Felicity Arsenault
My next playthrough of FFVII I'm planning on naming every character Sephiroth :3
been there, done that. prepare to be VERY amused.
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used to name 'em after friends or family back in my kid years... heh good times.
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Only for Garnet have I done that.
Rather than using Dagger, I named her Shadow since I felt that was nicer, and still fit nicely.
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For only a couple games, I renamed characters back into the names I preferred for them, such as Aeris into Aerith and so on. When I was younger, I'd always give the male protagonist the name "Tony."
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I'm never too partial to renaming characters who already have canon names. I would even get annoyed when a friend would borrow my old Zelda N64 cartridges and make a new game file and not name themselves Link xD
For FF games I'm the same way, though I never personally played the older ones where you could. I watched a friend play through most of VIII and they renamed everyone they could and it just ticked me off, and I don't really even care much about the game. I'm too picky :B

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