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Which celestial weapon is the most impossible to obtain?

Tidus - Caladbolg - 0:0.0 Race 0.3 30.0% [ 18 ]
Yuna - Nirvana - All Aeons 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 4 ]
Auron - Masamune - Catch Monsters 0.016666666666667 1.7% [ 1 ]
Kimahri - Spirit Lance - Catch Butterflies 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 5 ]
Wakka - World Champion - Blitzball Games 0.11666666666667 11.7% [ 7 ]
Lulu - Onion Knight - Dodge 200 Lightning 0.35 35.0% [ 21 ]
Rikku - Godhand - Cactuar Game 0.016666666666667 1.7% [ 1 ]
none 0.016666666666667 1.7% [ 1 ]
gold 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
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I have all of them except Tidus'. Even Lulu's (which was extremely difficult- I got up to 150 and missed. I just sat there, eye twitching in anger, glaring at the TV screen as my blood ran cold. I'll let you guess what happened next) was easier than Tidus'.

So I attempted Tidus' countless times and eventually gave up. Just when you think 'I can do this!' a bird- or lesser Spira gull as they're officially known- SWOOPS OUT OF NOWHEREAND DOES A TERRORIST ATTACK ON MY CHOCOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! So I still don't have it. Tidus is my second weakest character anyway (weakest is Auron). I'll probably get it eventually, since it's nice knowing you have all the secrets rofl

And Kimahri's isn't that bad, because after a while you memorize the path you have to go, which is more to say than Tidus'.

The easiest is probably Masamune. The funnest is Godhand. And the most aggravating is Caladbolg.

And by the way everyone, BLITZBALL IS EPIC. Wakka+World Champion+Attack Reels+255 Strength = pwnage
GETTING the weapons were easy.

the sigils however...

i've never gotten rikku's nor wakka's sigil. i'm not sure why not. guess i just didn't want to travel and deal with blitzball.

and i think my game was glitched when trying to get lulu's venus sigil. i literally gave up trying and went to collect my other prizes, and BLAM! there it was. no way i got 200 consecutive bolts.
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I've gotten every one completed except Lulu's. Those damn lightning bolts...

I also found the Chocobo Races and the Butterfly Catching, and the Blitzball very easy. The effing lighning bolts though! @______________________@;

...and ever."
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I've gotten the rest of them multiple times.

Kimahri's is SUPER easy with a bit of practice.
the ones i can never get are lulu's, wakka's, and tidus's. i always have to get my brother to help me get those three. i got no idea how he does it, cause to me their impossible.

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