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Well, a sad ending isn't a bad ending. If an ending can bring you to tears for reasons that aren't "omg its over" then I'd say it was good and the plot let you get emotionally invested.

For me though, I find it hard to care about plots with characters that I don't control exclusively and directly. Watching Zack die was much harder on me than watching Aerith die.
You're done because and ending is sad?
I'd rather have a sad ending than and ending that's just plain stupid.
When I saw that The bad guy WINS in FFXIII-2 I was genuinely knocked for six. I actually hope they do another sequel to tie things up, despite the fact I've heard it will be done in a manga
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I have completed the games from VII onwards, except VIII...
VII is, and in my opinion, always will be, Square's jewel in the crown.
That game STILL makes them money.
And with this year being its 15th Anniversary I pray to every God ever conjured from the aether that they have remade it for the PS3.
Great story, awesome equip system, great graphics for its day and AWESOME characters.
Who didn't laugh when they noticed how Cid runs?

I got towards the end of Disc 3 on VIII and sold it at a car boot sale.
Hated the main story AND the junction system in that...

IX was awesomesauce.
Solid story, better graphics, good equip system and Vivi is my favourite character ever followed closely by Quina which is probably why I levelled Black Mage and Blue Mage in FFXI.
Was thinking of getting that Vivi tattoo with him playing with all the elements.

X had a good story and at the time the ending really touched me because I was very depressed and lonely.
Had a thing for a girl who moved to the other side of the world, so it kinda struck a chord.

X-2 was basically X for girls with a similar ending, but I did like the song she sang near the end.
"1000 Years" or something?

XI = Fantastic MMO.
Been playing for 8 years, almost.

XII was meh story-wise and ending-wise.

I really liked XIII and XIII-2 once I got passed the 7 chapters of tutorial.
Once you reach the Archlyte Steppe, it's a great game.
The ending was good too, but the story was a little lacking.

I probably derailed a little there, but I'm getting old now so you have to put up with it.
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Usually if they make u cry then the games must have captivated u, which is a good thing in my opinion.

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