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What kind of race would you pick?

For me, I'll be a hume. I know, I'm such a typical pretty boy cat_smile

I want to hold that judgement blade so bad ;________; I only have a smaller version of it,
which is a pizza cutter.
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Hume or Moogle. ******** Seeq.
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Because I got some wings. YEAH!

But I want to be a Viera. Sexy race heart
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Except that I'd be that one male Viera that they only get every 100 years or however often it is.
...but I'd still be gay. The Viera would die out because of me. gonk
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Hume or moogle. Possibly bangaa. I'm to sexy to be viera lol
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Viera or Gria, but most likely Gria (I'm a sucker for short, cute things.)
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Probably a Hume because they can be lancers/dragoons. If not a Hume then either a Viera (male of course) or a Bangaa. emotion_c8
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I'd probably be a moogle. Though I don't tend to use them very often in the games, I think it would suit my personality the best. The Bangaa and Viera have more interesting jobs and are funner to play, but if we're talking about actually *being* one of the races, then I couldn't pass up the wings and fluffiness. 3nodding
I'll be a Qu, obviously!!
But if couldn't pick Qu I have to say being a Moogle would be good~
Hume because it's all balanced out lol
not talking about stats but still xD
Bagaa, because I think it would be awesome to be a lizard.
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i would be a hume ninja of great renown
I would probably be a hume Viera fencer like Ritz in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance biggrin .
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I would be a hume...a really bad one. I'd get in soo much trouble with the soldiers that both the whole Archadian and Rozzarian empire would be after me...but I fight them off. Judge Ghis, Judge
Gabranth, anyone who gets in my way. (Except for Vaan and the crew, I'd be happy to be on their side.) 3 quickenings: Death Penalty, Hell's judgement & Blazing Cross cutter. Those moves would keep me alive...and my girlfriend can help too. She is AWESOME with a crossbow!!

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