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Don't worry about bad things other say. X-2 is a good game, and there are lots of different side quests, some you don't even know they are there. It can be difficult to get 100%, but like others have said, don't try 100% in first play through.
Should have been renamed to Final Fantasy: Charlie's Angels Redux-2. Still enjoyed it tho. Love the job/battle system.
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If you're a true FF fan, whether other people like the game or not, it's always worth it.
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Yessssss!!!! It has the best music and cutscenes lol, and if u played the first game u might as well beat the second right? I played the second before i even played the first.
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I say play it, i actually enjoyed the dress sphere system, it reminded me of the job system (well it is) from the old games, it actually fits into the game quite well given the nature of the game. Don't rely on other peoples view points for a game as enjoyment is a subjective thing.
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Reviews are other people's opinions. People's opinions differ. Think about it: Everything you like or love? Someone out there dislikes or hates it. Are you going to let someone else's opinion keep you from trying a game you think you'll like?

Try it. It's a really fun game. Probably one of the best (if not the best) battle systems in the series.

Yeah. What she said.
In my opinion, its not as good as FFX, but I still enjoyed it 3nodding (It was actually my first Final Fantasy game. Then I got FFX after I beat it lol) I think you should play it.
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The game does what it does very well, and battles are always fun to watch.
This game destroyed blitzball though and introduced that coin game....not the most fun i say x.o
Totally worth it to play.
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Try it. It's a really fun game. Probably one of the best (if not the best) battle systems in the series.

PS: I <3 your theme Peltrow. Its just... love.
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The ATB was great, and I liked the functioning of the dress spheres and skills. It feels slightly like the older job systems do. You basically want to try getting all of the spheres. As soon as you use the special dress spheres it may get a little repetitive at some parts, running through dress spheres every turn to get there. Another negative point is that these spheres are very unbalanced. Some 'jobs' are nearly useless and Dark Knight is obviously better than all of them. You're better off sticking to a strong dress sphere than playing the one you enjoy. Equipment no longer plays a vital part and has gotten simplified into having a few accessories.

Fan Service?
Dress spheres means lots of clothing. The 'fanservice' level of this game is enormous. The target demographic for this game along with it's advertisements and art were adolescent males. Thanks to the dress spheres there are lots of skimpy costumes to either love or hate.

Sappy, girly story that's pretty much "giiiirl pooooweeer!", romance based and a little corny with two obviously opposing factions. A suddenly very girly story in a RPG mainly targeted towards adolescent males seems a bit off to me. With a bland personality dividement in the main characters of the cheery, the grim and the normal (you) girl. Yuna is suddenly a completely different personality. And sadly you don't meet any more characters that join your party.

Side-Quests and Mini-Games
Side-quests (that often don't have anything to do with the main plot) and mini-games are a very important focus as well. For example sphere-break is introduced, and Blitzball was changed entirely making it less interactive. I never enjoyed everything. (Which would make a '100% completion' perfect ending easier). Running through main storyline only leaves you with a bad ending and about fifteen hours of gameplay since it can be done at having less than 50% completion.

The soundtrack has received mixed reviews. "Gone are the sappy, hummable melodies and lush arrangements of series' past, replaced with drum loops and synthesizers." It takes some getting used to, I prefer the old style but I'm not complaining too much about this as I am an OST-nut about nearly every game I play.

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I can't speak to the game play as I haven't played it personally, I had a roomate who was going out of his way to get 100% on it for the perfect ending though, so I did learn a more than fair amount about the story and plot, a looked up a lot of what I didn't see. The story however is- well- by itself not horrible- unless you actually take into account that it's a sequel... a sequel which pretty much completely undoes a lot of the beauty of the first one- the Aeons are disturbed, Zanarkand is a practically a theme park, even though Yuna saved the whole ******** day she's barely any more famous than before because some people still hold a grudge (that last part isn't unexpected at least). And ya know what- I even like the idea that tidus was based on a real person, then having said person show up as a ghost doesn't bother me either- but the true atrocity to me is the "perfect ending" ... all you need is some dipshit to make his own new sin and you'll have practically undone the whole first game -.-;
I liked it. At times I was embarrassed to play it, but in the end I enjoyed it.
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There are parts of the game that will have you pulling your hair out for
"My god they really made this game"

but the battle system is great, the costumes are awesome, and literally can play any style you desire, and heck the extras in teh game alone make the
New Game+ totally worth playing once or twice

proudest FF X 2 moment when I got the perfect ending

there are parts where you will hate yourself, but you will be enjoying this game so
se la vie

I say buy it, unless its got a big price tag, but since its been out forever, its cheap its good
I say buy it, and clear your calender, there is a lot to do in teh game, and either visit every place all the time
or get a strategy guide, you will miss stuff without an aid
well if you like final fantasy, specially the older ones(gameplay wise) i'd say go for it. it's got a lot of good things as well as bad....shinra in sphere break can make you pull your hair out(figuratively of course) anyways i enjoyed it and though i couldn't 100% it(minigames being too tough) i did enjoy the game and it does have a decent challenge factor in the optional bosses in that one dungeon(can't remember name) i you liked the first get the second.

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