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My tablet is ready for this game. I just got my very first tablet for my birthday. Cannot waiiiiiit.

Lots of good news today from TGS. This and the FFXV trailer. I'm still sifting through the news for more goodies. (Just got home from work)

Interestingly enough, the G-Bike website announces that it will be released in Japan for 2014, but the English release is TBA -- 2015 release, perhaps?

Not quite Final Fantasy VII related, but with all the names from FFVII, well....
SE announces that they're launching ShinRa Technologies in 2015 as a cloud gaming service. Incidentally, they teamed up with Avalanche Studios to make this happen. xd

Here be the official website. ....I sure hope this doesn't end with Meteor flying towards us. sweatdrop
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Everyone has been cracking pun jokes with this. Shinra working with Avalanche on "cloud" gaming. emotion_awesome

I know the beta will be released in 2015 and will fully get started in 2016. I know one of their headquarters is in New York.
Half considering trying to find their address so that I can beg for a job there see what their HQ looks like. Or at least see what kind of building they're gonna work in... xd

Also, Nomura did some new art of Cloud for G Bike. DLC Costume? I smell DLC costume here. It's pretty interesting to see how Cloud's hair changes in Nomura's artwork over time. I'm not gonna go into a whole essay here talking about Cloud's hair and Nomura's art from FFVII to Dissidia but I am going to say that in this bit of artwork, Cloud's hair looks...manageable to draw. XD As is his outfit. (Surprised that there's not too many belts and zippers!)
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Gotta make an outfit built for speed. Too many flash belts might slow him down. (I smell cosplayers ordering materials for this outfit now!)

If anyone is going to New York Comic Con, Hidemi Matsuzuka (who does all the merchandise such as the figures, jewelry, etc.) will have a special autograph card featuring the all new Cloud PAK Advent Children figure:

Play Arts Kai Advent Child Cloud Autograph Card

And there are more T-Shirt designs on "Traveling with Final Fantasy VII!" We have seen a Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, and Costa Del Sol. We now have some based on the motorcycles from VII:

The Hardy Daytona Bike
Strife Delivery Service
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Hnngh, that Cosmo Canyon shirt~ emotion_kirakira heart
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Kether Taninniver

Hnngh, that Cosmo Canyon shirt~ emotion_kirakira heart

I made that the lock screen wallpaper on my phone. Gotten compliments for it!
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Just a reminder guys that October 13th is Vincent Valentine's Birthday!

He will be 64 this year in real life. (Advent Children takes place in 2009, where he was 59 at the time! He was 60 in Dirge of Cerberus!)
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... I can't believe I forgot Vincent's birthday. I feel like a bad fangirl now. emo

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