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Anyone know about an HD remake? The release on Steam was cool but I'd love to see the original in HD like FFX.
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There are no news on any remake. Square Enix has thought about it but finds the risk of making it too much that it will pretty much kill the Final Fantasy franchise and nothing that they make will make money of a remake ever is to appear. Also, the fan expectations are so much that trying to cram it all in would be impossible and may lose that essence that we were drawn to in the game. So, to much dismay, there were be no remake.

And as I have always said, may Don Corneo stay in polygon form...

They have however, ported it to the PSN and PC/Steam in order to keep up with the times, especially when finding a PS1 copy is a little hard and sometimes costly depending on how the condition of the copy is. It is a cheaper and less time consuming to just port the original game than remaking it. But you still get that classic, awesome feeling that makes you appreciate older games.

The FFX/X-2 was just a HD Remaster. Essentially, it's the same game, but upped the graphics and added more feeling to it, while keeping to the original gameplay and story. The bonuses was that for those of us in North America, we finally, after almost a decade, can play the international versions with more bosses and dungeons.

Now, FFVII also had a International Version. Memory is a little shot on me in this but it does offer some more insight on a few things. One I can recall is actually being able to read a letter from Zack to his parents when you visit Gongaga. Now, if Square Enix released THAT over the PSN/PC/Steam... Yeah, I'd gladly fork out the money to learn more.

I'm not shooting down the fact of a remake isn't going to happen, but I am a firm believer in reality. If I was Square Enix right now and seeing the success in releasing more extended versions of the games, even in HD, we'd go bonkers for it. That being said, it's more believable to wish for a HD remake or remaster of Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (That NEVER left Japan!) for a modern console, even my own smart phone... than FFVII.

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