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Kether Taninniver

I'd love to know North America's and Europe's top forty, though, and see how they differ.

Same here. I was disappointed Basch didn't make it to the list. Though pleasantly surprised to see Sazh.
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I know. I'm interested into what the rest of the world thinks, and now that you mention it. that is a shock.

I was shocked Rufus even made the list, I thought Rude would land in it, seeing as Reno got in.
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I had someone send me a Zombie cupcake with this message:

Happy Holidays from your friends at Shinra Inc.! Your hard work and dedication ensures that that the city of Midgar and all its facilities run smoothly and safely. Please enjoy this complementary holiday treat baked by one of our top scientists!

Warning: Ingesting this snack may cause mother issues, a compulsive need to organize reunions, bad taste in literature, megalomania and other delusions. Consult Professor Hojo immediately if you experience spontaneous growth of tentacles, extra eyeballs on your body, and/or one angel wing.
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Clearly, someone at Shinra swapped the sugar with Jenova cells. emotion_awesome
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I know. gonk
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Anyone playing Airborne Brigade got a cute treat of Cloud in a reindeer outfit.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Lightning, Shantotto, and Squall were in Santa outfits and Terra and Cloud were reindeer.
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Final Fantasy VII is my favorite Final Fantasy game to play. The only thing I didn't quite like was putting materia would lower some status. Then again, if you are putting magic, then the character should be more of a mage rather than a warrior. That's how I think of it. I love some of the characters like Barret, Cid, and Vincent. If there's a chance I can play this game again, I would.

Crisis Core was pretty fun to play. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that you had to rely on the Digital Mind Wave (DMW) to level up. What I do love about the game though is that they are a lot of missions. I didn't beat all the missions since some of them were hard. I would get the game again.

I watched both Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. In both movies, I loved Reno and Rude because in the game, they were too serious.

I tried playing Dirge of Cerberus, but since it's a shooting game, I wasn't that good. I eventually gave up since I don't like playing those type of games. Instead I would either watch my oldest brother play or watch the cutscenes or even the whole thing online. If I would say anything about the game (storyline and characters), I would say that it really answers a lot of questions about Vincent's past. However, I had a lot of questions about Deepground.
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What questions do you have about DeepGround?

Maybe this article from Final Fantasy Wikia will be helpful to you;
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Anyone else think Tifa and Barret were married with Marlene as their kid at the very beginning of the game? i did....boy, was i wrong. crying
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Nope. I did think that Marlene was Tifa's child when I played, but then realized I was wrong VERY shortly afterword.
That's an interesting pair. No doubt someone ships it.
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Unless you are in the fanfiction world... I've seen some crazy pairings in that universe.

I think at one point, after FFVII when Barret is off looking for a new energy source (oil), Tifa is constantly asked about Marlene and starts to claim her as an adoptive daughter. I think it was in Case of Tifa. Need to reread that again.
No, you're right, I remember that. But I think she just said she was her daughter, not adopted.
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I always did think of Tifa as a motherly figure to the party, making sure everyone is alright and safe.
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The second series of the Trading Arts Kai Minis are out! Tifa, Lightning, and Tidus are in this one.

I'm just supplying a link where you can get them at the price Square Enix sells them for ($19.99) for Amazon.com is being silly with their $50 prices.

Here's Tifa's link:

Tifa is out of stock at the moment (along with the others) but you can order her now and they'll ship when she's back in stock.

Tifa comes with her FFVII look, her Nibelhiem Guide Cowgirl outfit, three faces (Normal, Happy Chibi, and Blank) and Red XIII will be with her as well.

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