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So, other than getting my copy of Final Fantasy VII signed by Nobuo and Arnie. I've notinced a new network on the Memebase of I Can Haz Cheezburger. Video Games.

And there's loads of FFVII stuff flying around in a good funny way!

Anyway. Now there there's a release date for TheaRhythm Final Fantasy, I really do want Square Enix to redo Before Crisis on the 3DS or even the PSP. But I guess all I can hope for is a DLC Coliseum battle with something from Final Fantasy VII.

Speak of that, what should the FFXIII-2 crew battle for a party monster from VII? (Since they're doing creatures significant to other games, such as Gilgamesh from V, Ultros and Typhon from VI, and Pupu from VIII.)

I'd say:
- Proudclod
- Bahamut SIN
- Gold Chocobo (Need to see if they are already in XIII-2)
- Some boss we fight built by Shinra...
- Don Corneo? (HA! Fat chance!)

They've usually avoided any characters, so the chance of battle Cloud, Sephiroth, etc. Probably not happening.
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It all about the battle between Cloud and Sephiroth
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Sephiroth - A legendary member of SOLDIER, Sephiroth goes missing under mysterious circumstances after a mission in Nibelhiem and is presumed dead. He returns years later in search of the Promised Land. He is the main protagonist of the game.

I'm sure a lot of fangirls would agree with you on that last point. xd

its not cuz were fangirls, its cuz WE UNDERSTAND the chara!
Okay, on FF7 the game.

Do you fans set records for yourself?

I know the entire game like my backyard by heart.

Me, I steal high level items in midgar, and I grow my materia to at least Bolt2 and Ice2.

Hmm it is an actually pain to make the gold chocobo, as for the black one, it was by chance.
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I actually do enjoy setting up goals for myself when I play FFVII. My current goal is to obtain every item, including weapons, in the game. Because I always never get Aerith's ultimate weapon.

This time around, I did! biggrin

My last time, I did somehow forget to pick up Cait Sith's ultimate weapon. I still ponder as to how I missed that. sweatdrop

As for Chocobos, I never have a problem with getting a gold one. I usually sell the first All materia I have that I keep on me at all times to master it just to fund my chocobo breeding program.

@ Keither: Yes, but who are we allowed to have in the XIII-2 party. You'd keep Sephiroth with you at all times as he just Hell's Gates everything.

Oh, and my Gaia Avatar for the month of May is Tifa to celebrate her birthday! (May 3rd.) I'm thinking of doing an Advent Children Yuffie later on this year, maybe in October or November.
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Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII Compilation thread. This sticky will be covering the following:

- Final Fantasy VII

- Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

- Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

- Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
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And you're laughing why? Malee is a busy lady who has a forum to run. e're all self suffient in saying that this sticky is for all things Final Fantasy VII related.

Oh, and for everyone. IT'S TIFA'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!
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First and formost, Happy belated b-day, Tifa!
Second, I like them both, in their own way, but for looks..
Tifa. -dunshootme-
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Miss Cloud is the most beautiful girl in the game. talk2hand
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Kether Taninniver

Miss Cloud is the most beautiful girl in the game. talk2hand

Indeed. I mean, look at her! She's got these eyes and this hair and ahhhh.... ♥

(Been quoting Disney movies a little tooooooo much here)
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Kether Taninniver

Miss Cloud is the most beautiful girl in the game. talk2hand

Indeed. I mean, look at her! She's got these eyes and this hair and ahhhh.... ♥

(Been quoting Disney movies a little tooooooo much here)

And now I can't get the image of Aladdin swooning over Miss Cloud out of my head. It's like a bad KH fanfic. gonk

Miss Cloud, why do you get all the guys!? emotion_donotwant
Disregarding the conversation going on right now I have a very serious question.

Do you think Andrej Pejic looks more like Sephiroth or Kuja?

Here's a picture if you don't know who the bloke is.
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He's an extremely androgynous male model from Australia. He's even modeled in women's wear and walked in shows posing as a female model.

I just think he would work because of the androgyny

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