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I've completed most of VIII's side quest's except for that Triple Triad bullcrap (because I fail so hard at it) and am still trying to get Eden. But I loved those side quests. Especially in Winhill and the Shumi Village <3 And I continuously crack up abut the monkey business when you throw a rock at him and he tells Squall, "Your mom wears combat boots" XD

Other than that, I only got a few Marks in XII because I'm too distracted trying to level up and continue through the game and continuously fail at the side quests for Crystal Chronicles: the Crystal Bearers.
I do as many sidequests as I can, regardless of the game, I am not a perfectionist, but I love getting as much equipment as possible! heart
FFIX is my favorite game because of the side quests. Chocobo Treasue Hunt FTW
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I'm a perfectionist. I need to have all of the weapons/armors, all the abilities, perfect levels, ever single side quest completed. My favourite though is definately the marks in 12. However, i have to resart because I got the official guide and realized, there's a lot of sides i didn't do. I didn't know the requirements for the Zodiac Spear >.<
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Yes. Yes I do. Right now, I am mass-questing through the Final Fantasy series and I have successfully completed all of the side quest I have come across thus far. I do it for a sense of completion and reward.
i have to say ix's chocobo hot and cold + treasure hunting was the most fun i've had in final fantasy.

it's so simple to do too, unlike vii's breeding.
but the weapons were fun to fight in vii. ancient forest was also a pleasure to explore.

x's sidequests were fun too. i haven't collected all of the sigils and crests yet. the aeons and monster area were fun to do too.

xii's marks were a blast as well.
like someone said, i would've never explored some areas like i did when finding these marks.
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The only side quest I've done in depth was the fishing one in 12. It was hilarious for
Gilgamesh to give you a fishing pole he thought was masamune
it took me maybe two hours and I had to look up what the bottles meant.
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I was 2 crystals from getting 100% on FFXIII-2

gues what those criterias were?
get 100% beastiary and the super boss i had to fight in that game was so ******** hard omfg!

SO CLOSE.. some end game content are fun in FF game but sidequests like the one above.. pfft ******** that!
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I'm currently amusing myself with the Soul of Chaos dungeons in Dawn of Souls (my first playthrough of (both) the game(s), I'm quite slow/behind). It's remarkably easy when you're level 99, though I'm only up to Hellfire Chasm. Omega and Death Gaze, and anyone else in the other two dungeons, better be as good as people say emotion_donotwant

lol the final boss is going to be so anitclimactic after facing these guys, DoS should have had an actual post-game, really ._. (nevertheless I'm gonna duplicate my file so I can keep it forever)

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