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Which of these do you use most frequently in battle?

Weapons 0.5 50.0% [ 23 ]
Magic 0.21739130434783 21.7% [ 10 ]
Summons 0.15217391304348 15.2% [ 7 ]
Enemy Skills 0.065217391304348 6.5% [ 3 ]
Other 0.065217391304348 6.5% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
I've been wondering about this for a while now so I just had to ask.
What are the favorite battle methods of other gamers? Some seem to prefer strategy while others seem to go with a more direct approach.

As for myself I'm more of a strategist than anything, I like to learn new ways make use of the many things one can use in these games. I also try to stick to each characters strengths rather than having them use/learn skills they really don't need.

My favorite summons are Bahamut, Leviathan, Ifrit, Odin and Phoenix.
My favorite spells are Meteor and Ultima.
My favorite skill is Steal.
My favorite limits are Cloud's Meteorain, Nanaki's Stardust Ray and Cosmo Memory, Yuffie's Doom Of The Living and All Creation, Cait Sith's Dice, Vincent's Chaos, Squall's Lionheart and all of Sephiroth's limits. I have more favorites but I'll just stop here.

Feel free to talk about anything battle related here, party and battle preferences as well as things like favorite weapons, spells, summons, skills and basically anything you could use in a battle.
Battle tips, strategies and advice on bosses/enemies is also welcome.
Gotta love using the weapons
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Depending on the game, I either use magic a lot (FF1-6 and 9) or Weapons (7,8,10 and above).

The older games made you think more when it comes to magic but the newer games is more about grinding with levels and equipment rather than strategies with magic.
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Fav' Summon: Ifrit, Ioved his really over-the-top special attack.

Fav' Spell: Raise, by far, is the most useful and money-saving spell. No more need for phoenix downs.

Fav' Skill: Oo skills, it's been a while, uhm, I don't know, the only game I remember playing that had "skills" was FFIII, if skills can just mean any move then I'd have to say either blitz or ruinga, I like the crowd-control.

Fav' Limits: Hmm... I didn't play VII much so... if any kind of special once-off move counts, I like Lightning's "army of one" that she does when you get her as a pet in XIII-2, it's very elegant, and looks like it'd be hard to get away from IRL.
With Final Fantasy X and XII I really just like to use character skills or just regular weapons with spells occationally thrown in for pretty much all of my fights no matter if it's a boss or a wolf. In XIII and XIII-2 it's much or stratagy based and so it depends from enemy to enemy.
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