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Has Anyone won a game of Blitz Ball?

Yes 0.59259259259259 59.3% [ 48 ]
No 0.24691358024691 24.7% [ 20 ]
Almost 0.16049382716049 16.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 81 ]
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Blitzball is amazing x] and Yes I've won many
I actually enjoyed playing and beating blitzball many times in X. Somehow though they ruined the game in X-2.
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Blitzball is a really fun mini-game to play. whee I haven't played for a couple weeks, but my teams, no matter who I bring in, generally never lose. Sometimes, when I want to lose, I'll sabotage my own team by throwing everybody into different positions then I want them in, but other than that, victory is always mine.

Sometimes, I even win with the sabotaged team.
love ffx, hated blitzball
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I hated blitzball so much... I actually had my friend beat blitzball for me enough to get Wakka's ultimate weapon. I was obsessed with that game and was getting everyone's weapons, but just couldn't understand blitzball... I'm sure I could have if I dedicated my whole life to it, but I just wasn't willing to do that...
I won blitzbal all the time. It's all about good players, passing the ball, and never give up Tidus as your main scorer.
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lol I have the ulatmite team but it does help to have Linna in the middle for the fact that she can score a shot or at least put the goalie to sleep half way across the sphere! THen have Wedge and Tidus on the sides and Brother and Ropp in the back! Also Have tidus, Linna, and Wedge learn tackle slip! THen you have the utimiate team!
during the besaid vs luca match, if graav gets the ball first, press select and choose right. this'll make all your players steer away from the goers, with luck, you should be able to get a two or three man break on graav. he'll likely try to pass bickson. hopefully you get the ball away from him in time to train tidus and letty.

if letty catches the ball first, press select and choose manual a followed by right. maunally steer letty right and let the aurochs stay to the right.

regardless of how you get the ball, head to the bottom right corner and continue passing between letty and tidus and just keep hugging that corner. abus, the goer's front-right point-man, is piss-weak sauce. he will never ever get the ball away from letty and tidus as long as they break to him and continue to dribble or pass the ball back and forth. the other goers just kind of stand there. swimming in circles. so keeping passing that ball between tidus and letty while sticking to that corner. you can maybe throw jassu in there but eh.

in the second half, equip letty with venom pass and tidus with jecht shot or sphere shot.
jecht > sphere.

do the same exact process but after 1:30 on the time passes, have tidus head to the goer's goal while sticking to the bottom. abus should follow him but let tidus handle him before running into the two defenders next to the goal keeper.

abus should be long gone and tidus should have to break against two, if not three people. tidus's end should be high enough to take a break if there are three people. if four (which i've never had), then you're screwed if the first two to attack doesn't include bickson and abus. if three, break to one of them (you MIGHT still make it even if the attack is from graav, doram or balgerda) and perform the jecht shot. granted you're right at the goalie's face, you'll get your point.

if sphere shot... try to shoot when there isn't any break-throughs. that's how i've scored with that shot.

after scoring, goers won't be able to score within the break period where wakka comes in.

when wakka comes back, hopefully letty catches the ball. so steal the ball using a previous strategy and stay in the bottom right corner with wakka holding the ball because abus won't be able to get it. just stay there...

5:00, aurochs win.
One time, but it was just luck i think.
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It's been a while since I played 10, but I do remember winning a few games. It was difficult at first but it's like mot Final Fantasy games, the higher your level, the easier things tend to get.

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