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Has Anyone won a game of Blitz Ball?

Yes 0.59259259259259 59.3% [ 48 ]
No 0.24691358024691 24.7% [ 20 ]
Almost 0.16049382716049 16.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 81 ]
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Yes, I have won enough games to get both Wakka's final weapon and all his overdrives. Most people recruit new members, but you can win with all the origional members of the Besaid Aurochs. I never recruited anyone else from the other teams o.o
It's pretty easy if you can get the jecht shot.
I love playing Blitz Ball. I've acquired some of the best players I can, and I pretty much never lose anymore, which does get a bit boring after a while. xd
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I quite liked it. The compulsory one in Luca to advance the story is a good one too for the sheer dramatic element. I find that if you do manage to get Jecht Shot on the boat on the way to Luca, it makes it much easier. Keep passing to Tidus and have him pass back and forht with the nearest player as soon as you can before an opponent can get in to block. Once Tidus levels up for the second half, get the ball as soon as you can, Jecht Shot it into the goal and just play keep away. I think Wakka has some decent stats for that point in the game, but there's no garauntee of scoring or even stealing the ball.

Those are my general tactics, Get it to at least 1-0 to you and play a keep away game to level the players up razz
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I loved playing Blitzball. The only threat I had to lose was the very first match you must play to advance the story against Luca. Other than that I always went undefeated and got awesome loot.

Blitzball should have its own spinoff game. BLITZBALL 13! I'd pick it up in a heartbeat!
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Step One: Score more than the other team
Step Two: With the ball in hand, wait behind your goalie
Step Three: Wait out clock.
Step Four: Surpass both "????" and "Profit!" and go straight to "Victory".
LOL Not once have I won- even though I have had this game for so many years.
*sigh* Probably never will. I'd much rather go onto the court myself and play it instead xD Very much like basketball and soccer.
Blitz Ball was awesome. It's not hard to get the hang of. I've come to the point where I release my best players to sign the other teams' released players to keep the challenge going.
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I win pretty consistently at Blitz Ball. Although it's mostly because of the Jecht Shot. And I also have the controls set to auto, because when I tried to control the players myself the other team always outswim me. confused
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I never won one. crying it's definitely a deep game
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I spent so much time getting goods at that game. the only game I lost was the very first one but after that was undefeated.
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I have 3nodding and can't wait to play it again when the HD remaster comes out biggrin
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Yes I have. THe Aurochs are pretty crappy so you need to find people on your travels before you can get a team who is actually decent enough to win consistently. It's also the only way to get Wakka's Ultimate Weapon iirc.
I've won the first game against the Goers in the tournament actually. That's the only game I'll play though, because I hate blitzball and can make better weapons than Wakka's ultimate weapon after Wantz opens up shop outside Macalania forest.
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I'm undefeated except when I want to lose to get 2nd or 3rd place prizes in tournaments
I have only won one and it was close. My cousin though got really good using a guide and i guess became unbeatable in the game.

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