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Has Anyone won a game of Blitz Ball?

Yes 0.59259259259259 59.3% [ 48 ]
No 0.24691358024691 24.7% [ 20 ]
Almost 0.16049382716049 16.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 81 ]
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Has Anyone won a game of Blitz Ball before??? A fellow friend of mine who doesnt have gaia is wondering lol
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I loathe the game but I have won one game.
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I haven't an I try to get through those game as quick a possible because I hate it.
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I haven't an I try to get through those game as quick a possible because I hate it.
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I'm the Queen of Blitzball. I'm now undefeated in my game.

In short. Get good players and pass the ball like crazy in the first round, then attack on the next once everyone has leveled up when you play it in the story.
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I remember getting pretty good at the game for a while, though I was hugely disappointed that no one could outclass Keepa as the goalie (hate that guy!). I wanted to fill my team with nothing but Guado, but they wouldn't have it.

As I recall, the basic winning strategy was just to zig-zag the ball forward with passes, then use Tidus' Jecht Shot. That was pretty much it. Jecht Shot. Worked every time... almost. The other times, well, at least Keepa was a good goalie. Still don't like that guy. ninja
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I won once but i pretty sure it was pure luck....I haven't been able to win again since, which sucks cus you need to win so many games to get Wakka's ultimate weapon....
after you train your characters a little, its extremely easy to win. especially if you recruit brother. he is really really fast and you can steamroll right through.
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I tried it.

Never got the hang of it.

Still better than dodging 200 lightning bolts.
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Yeah, with the help of Jecht shot.
The only time I've tried it beyond "sleeping through it," the enemy keeper blocked my Jecht Shot.
all the time.
as far as FF mini games goes Blitzball is one of the easiest.
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Nope, I've never even tied. I don't bother reading the darned rules;it's too serious and structured...mathematical - EW. Honestly, it pisses me off.

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