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The same way you killed the Tonberrys? He is harder then the normal Tonberrys but not by THAT much...or at least I didn't think so...

If that fails, which obviously it has, then try this:

If you thought the Tonberrys were difficult, you're not going to want to |
| face off against this guy, that's for sure. Not only is the Tonberry |
| King's HP total through the roof, his attack powereasily matches it. |
| Tonberry King's normal attack will really hurt you, but the big damage |
| comes from the Junk attack where all sorts of crap just falls down on |
| your head. Both of these attacks can be reduced in damage if you have |
| your party under the Protect status. Most of your support doesn't |
| actually have to come out of your magic inventory since the Tonberry King |
| is filled to the brim with helpful spells like Full-Life if you need to |
| use them, maybe if you're strong enough you can even try to stock up |
| on them too! When it comes to damaging the Tonberry King things get |
| difficult. Obviously the Kamikaze method isn't as helpful since it isn't |
| a one hit kill and you just lose the character, perhaps when you know the |
| king is getting close to death you might want to use it provided you don't |
| mind that character not getting any AP. Gravity too, is ineffective here. |
| The Tonberry King is immune to it. Damage will have to come in the form |
| of powerful Guardian Forces, physical attacks, or my personal favourite, |
| limit breaks. By this point in the game you should have access to at |
| least some Aura magic which makes it so your characters can use their |
| limit breaks even if they have 9999 HP. If you do not have Aura magic |
| then you'll have to either try to stick through the fight with a low |
| HP total or go back to Guardian Forces and physical attacks like I said.

Taken from here:

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I remember it takes a while as his health is really high. Basically just Aura & haste & triple everyone, keep pressing triangle till you get their limit and spam, spam, spam!
Best to have 1 person healing/casting aura and with triple they can do everyone at once.
he is really that hard???
i accidently killed him on the third disc when he came and squall was low on health...
i got renzokuken up and lion heart came after. the 9999's popped all over the place and he shrunk down and apologized...

just keep rinoa healing, dont attack are first steps.

DO NOT heal squall. if he dies, rez him without the full life items or spells.

keep renzokuking tonberry king until lionheart pops up. (note: make sure squall has 255 strength so the 9999's pop up like free money for sure.)

he should die with one lionheart.
What I did was cast Aura on Zell and alternated between Beat Rush and Mach Kick. If you do that until time runs out on his limit break you can generally defeat almost everything. Also it helps to give Zell the STR Bonus early on. I used Selphie as a healer. Squall Mugged him a couple times, but I mostly used him for casting Aura on Zell.
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I just kept using limits on his a**. from everyone.
Ok, don't bother wasting time with casting aura/etc...

Unjunction your HP junction, then put it back on. DO NOT HEAL BACK UP.

Make sure everybody goes into the battle with roughly 1K HP. Then all you have to do is start the battle and spam the hell out of limit breaks, without having to waste time with haste/aura/etc....

Everytime I do this I drop tonberries (and the king) before they even get close enough to attack.
I'm too slow. Everyone's already said my strategy.

Renzokuken his a**.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't demi also affect him? Sure, it does 9,999 damage and you need to cast it a lot, but still. Once the number turns to 2500 you finish it off with a limit break.

And if demi doesn't work then I probably have this confused with another enemy
Demi in fact does not work. Neither does Diablos. and you can go out of battle unjunction hp and rejunction it because after the last tonberry he appears right away. Unless you're using that same strategy all the way through which is actually an awesome idea.

Tonberrys should be weak against something (not sure what ATM) but junction it to your status or elemental atk.

Armageddon punch from Zell and limit breaks from Squall and if you've got the ammo to spare Pulse ammo from Irvine.

Or you can try and get The End from Selphie.

Now that I think about it I wonder if Degenerator from Quistis would work on the regulars.

Rinao is really the only person that can't do much at this point. unless you're just getting here after the Ragnorok. But probably too dangerous a battle to lose control of a character especially since if you die you'll have to fight 15 to 18 tonberries again... not some thing a normal person would want to do.

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