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I'd have to say that Cloud is my favorite character and Riku is the sexiest character to me and the villain that I was into the most was Sephiroth. xd
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I Remember First Seeing My Brother Play Final Fantasy And I Fell In Love With It Ever Since xD And I Thought Tidus Was Hot At The Time xD Then I Liked Sephiroth blaugh
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Edea has always been my favorite character. I loved her design since the moment I saw her. Wish she would have been a full party member and not temporary.
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Who's your favorite character, and why?

(sorry, but I'm going to have to mention 2 characters xD)
Balthier and Fran, because they make such an awesome sky pirate duo

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?

hmm, hard to say, I guess I'll have to say Snow

Who is your favorite villain, and why?

Sephiroth. because he's strong, looks good, got a cool long blade and an iconic theme song

Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite?

Bahamut. nuff said
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What character do I like the most...? Crap, I can't even think right now. If I had to choose though, it'd be Wakka, because of how happy and cheerful he always was. Always brang a smile to my face as a child. Honourable mentions would be Quina, always made me laugh and I remember crying for hours when s/he went missing, and Vivi because he really seemed to be like me (insecure, thinking I'd ruin everything), and was a rolemodel for me. Plus I cried at the ending. <o< I'm also gonna say that Wakka is the most attractive, or Jecht. inb4 Quina. I like my men Manly. Hmm, favourite villain? I don't know if this counts, but it'd be Airy. I just love the idea of her betraying Tiz and such. Honourable mention would be Kuja, the way he speaks is EXTREMELY alluring and gives him a unique twist. Favourite Aeon/Summon/Whatever would have to be Carbuncle. JUST LOOK AT IT.
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Who's your favorite character, and why? I'd have to say Celes from FFVI. Her backstory is fantastic and who could forget about her performance in the Opera House? Damn, I'd love to see that in HD one day... Plus she's amazing in combat, both melee and magic!

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy? Princess Garnet from FFIX when she had long hair. It was so gorgeous, it reminded me of my hair back when I had longer hair. Plus her face was slender but still round, I always thought it was such a pretty combination.

Who is your favorite villain, and why? Kefka, obviously. He's a freaking clown who destroys the world. If you don't think that's scary, I don't think anything will. Hot damn.

Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite? I've liked Maduin because he has connections with Terra in FFVI. I won't spoil what, but those of you who have played the game know what I'm talking about. I like Ramuh a lot too. He's a cool guy.
Favorite character = Mog
My favorite is Squall^_^. He is so hot and cool. (There are many times that I keep replaying the same cinematic just to get a glimpse of squall.
Villain will probably be Sephiroth. WHY? Because I cannot really put myself to hate sephiroth that much. (Maybe because of his good looks probably. ☺😍😍Love that silver hair of his)
Favorite aeon will be Shiva. ^_^ cool. Cold and sexy. Plus the eay she is drawn is so nice.

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