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My favorite character is Aerith. She looks so unique from the female characters
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I'm really fond of Vayne from FFXII. I love the whole convoluted mess of relationships going on back in the Empire, and was more interested in that than what the main characters were up to.

There's a really dark family history there, and I hate how the Emperor acts as if he doesn't have a hand in why Vayne is the way he is. Necessity, and so House Solidor lives on...

I remember blinking and going "Wow" a bit when Venat told Vayne that their dreams were fulfilled beyond his knowing near the end.

He, Dr. Cid and Venat made quite the trinity. Neither he nor Dr. Cid were saints by a long shot, but their goal was a noble one even if the execution was not quite so much.

In the actual FMVs, Vayne is gorgeous too. His voice is also wonderful.

It really echoes Vagrant Story in a lot of ways.
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Sexy? I can't really say. I do think Paine and Snow have some points in the looks department.

For just favorites in general, I have to say Lightning, Squall, and Y'shtola. Maybe Cecil too. It's kind of hard to pick a specific favorite, you know?
Well, its a tie between Vincent and Sephiroth.. They are both very sexy hunks of man, and they both have those beautiful eyes and they have the sexiest hair, but what makes them so different is (as you know) Sephiroth is the bad guy and Vincent is the good guy. I tend to be a sucker for villains, but Vincent is just one sexy protagonist! whee heart xd
Definitely Vincent and Gippal. And am I the only one who thinks Tidus was kinda cute... ninja
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i gotta say i really have a thing for roegadyns, but aside that.........

its gotta be an npc in ffxiv. A'aba Tia.
Favorite character: Vivi
Sexiest Character: Lulu
Favorite villain: Edea
Favorite summonable: Shiva
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