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I'd have to say that Cloud is my favorite character and Riku is the sexiest character to me and the villain that I was into the most was Sephiroth. xd
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I Remember First Seeing My Brother Play Final Fantasy And I Fell In Love With It Ever Since xD And I Thought Tidus Was Hot At The Time xD Then I Liked Sephiroth blaugh
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Edea has always been my favorite character. I loved her design since the moment I saw her. Wish she would have been a full party member and not temporary.
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Who's your favorite character, and why?

(sorry, but I'm going to have to mention 2 characters xD)
Balthier and Fran, because they make such an awesome sky pirate duo

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?

hmm, hard to say, I guess I'll have to say Snow

Who is your favorite villain, and why?

Sephiroth. because he's strong, looks good, got a cool long blade and an iconic theme song

Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite?

Bahamut. nuff said

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