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id say by far the sexiest character in the Final Fantasy serious would be Tifa heart heart heart heart heart . She gots the looks, the sexy clothes, and DAMN... well... *cough*... hehe... *cough* shes just god damn hot
well i guess that like I said sephiroth is my fav VILLIAN but my fav (good guy) characyer would be......................................................VIVI FROM FF9. I LOVE THE PART WHEN THERE ON THE AIRSHIP ON THERE WAY TO LIMBLIM AND THEN BLACK WALTZ 3 ATTACKS THEM AND THEN VIVI GOES RANKIGE AND BLOWS THE BASTERED UP (or so we think) AND DAMN THE CHASE WAS AWESOME (i loved it when the black waltz blows up his machine du hicky and damn that was funny) OH YA AND WHEN THERE IN EVIL FOREST AND THE FOREST CHASES THEM THAT MUSIC AND GRAPHICS SERIOUSLY MADE ME TINGLE WITH EXCITMENT ^_^
Tifa Lockheart? Dead sexy ^ ^ Cloud's pretty hott too. So is Lulu and Yuna is in X-2
biggrin My favorite character is Sypher. He is just THE COOLEST!!! biggrin
also sabin is really cool too!!! wink
I think Tidus, yunie in X-2 (shes just a d**k in ffx), rikku, squall, seymour (he would look a lot better if he wasnt a guado) and riku, but hes from kingdom hearts.
Hahah... Squall and Vincent!
Who's your favorite character, and why?
Definately Yuna, she is strongwilled, dedicated, rightous, and determined. She is just a female character I can admire. She was willing to sacrifice her life, and her chance at love, to bring the calm to the people of Spira. And when she found out that that all that she believed in was quite frankly a pile of s**t, instead of falling into pieces, she pulled herself together and sough out to find a way to defeat sin forever, and she expected nothing in return. What's not to like smile
Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy? OMG definately Irvine (FF cool is the Hottest character to me. But then again Sephiroth...... (Delight's in his evilness) Ahem as I was saying......
Who is your favorite villain, and why? This is obvious Sephiroth. He is derranged, kicks a**, has that killer theme music, and is so intimatating. I LOVE HIM
My fav character is Cloud Strike cause he's just daring, but I like Sephiroth cause he has attitude...

The sexist character I have to say is Tifa
the sexiest charactor from final fantasy would have to be KUJA he is so sexy and no he is not a girl i think the way he dresses is sexy the way he walks talks and acts is to die for.he is the best and i will yell at you so bad if you have somthin mean to say about him scream
Yes Finelity you're right!

Kuja is the sexiest character from FF!!
He's so cute heart _ heart

Mwahaha! I love him ^__^
Squall is the hottest. He has cute face and a great body heart
My fav is Rinoa.
It's ALL about Auron and Seymour. And you know it.
my favorite character is also my favorite villian the best character in all the final fantasies by far Sephiroth he was the coolest character and had the best weapon than any others in any of the final fantasies and for all you idiots that don't know its the masamune

The sexiest character was by far Lulu from final fantasy 10 and she was also one of the coolest characters a cool laid back kind of approach to everything and always calm and most of the time seem uncaring

I agree with you...about me and lulu....expecially me. Well any way i need a black jacket and i'll be set muhahahaha!!
*Looks up at the post above him and sees magentakitty a.k.a aeris* gonk why?!!?!?
Mwahahaha. Seymour OWNS your a**, Sephy. razz

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