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sephiroth is frickin awesome sauce. cool biggrin
Balthier heart How can you not love a sky pirate?
Who's your favorite character, and why?
Oh boy, there's several. Zack, Lightning, Serah, Noel, and Aerith.

Zack: I've liked him for quite a few years now and I don't think it'll ever change. I just loved the dorkiness he gave and how determined he was to become a hero. His death in FFVII was just really sad and upsetting. I loved the fact he was so dedicated to Aerith and Angeal that it was really just heartbreaking to even play the game. I really adore Zack and it won't change.

Lightning: I liked her the moment I saw the first trailer for FFXIII. As soon as I saw her, I knew she would have this strong, determined nature. I didn't think she'd have a sister, but when they did show that in the game, I loved the fact Lightning was set on saving her and taking her home. Sure she might have been a little rough with Serah, but it was only to protect her. Lightning really is a true big sister, and I'm glad the game showed that those girls really loved each other and wanted to stay by each other.

Serah: Kind of the same thing with Lightning. She was dead set on seeing her sister and proving everyone wrong that she was not dead in XIII-2. When FFXIII first came out, I didn't think much on Serah because they barely showed her character. But in the second game, it really did and I loved her for her.

Noel: He's hot. xD Okay, okay. That's not my reason, but I adored the fact he wanted to protect Serah and not leave her side. This is why I ship them. lolololol. But still. Whether someone just considers those two very close friends, you can still see the amount of love(whether romantic or not) Noel had for Serah.

Aerith: There was something about Aerith that really reminded me of myself. I guess it was just her character towards Zack(and her love for flowers. lololol.) or...I don't know. In all honesty, I can't describe why I love Aerith. She's just gorgeous. ;_;

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?
Noel, Noctis, Hope after he hit puberty(xD), and Zack.
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I guess im the one thats gona have to say it but the sexiest FF character is clearly Hope from 13 hes is fawkn adorable i could go into detail but id rather not >/////> </////< >//////>
Omg, Vincent Valentine is literally the hottest character from not only Final Fantasy but really from anything ever. He is just perfect. <3
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Characters I like?

Most everyone in FF6.
I like Jecht and Auron. They are just BA <3
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Who's your favorite character, and why? - I'd have to say a lot of the characters from VII. I can't bring myself to choose just one though. Vincent Valentine, Yuffie, Red XIII Cloud and Sephiroth; pretty much in that order.

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy? - Uhhhm.... Fran. She's like an in game Playboy advert xD

Who is your favorite villain, and why? - As far as stories go Sephiroth hands down. I do like Kefka in the Disidia games though. I'm pretty sure I played the game with him years back on SNES but that may have been one of the others.

Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite? - Ifrit. No... Bahamut. NO! Shiva. No waaaait.... does Whyt from FF4 count? xD
Who's your favorite character, and why?
Aerith. She's beautiful, kind and always follows her heart and most importantly stays true to her heart.
Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?
Cloud. Mmmmn the things I would do to that man.
Who is your favorite villain, and why?
Sephiroth. Cause he's a momma's boy and my son is just as diabolical.:>
Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite?
Shiva. Gotta love Shiva. And Knights of the Round cause it's beast.
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in my opinion cloud is the sexiest guy in final fantasy....so hot
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Personally my favorite sexy FF females are.
Lightning XIII-2 outfit
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              Its hard to say between Tifa and Rinoa.. sure I might be a Rinoa cosplayer, but I'll always have a bit of my heart toward Tifa. (not just for their looks either)

              Cloud and Squall , for obvious reason ><

              Sephiroth. He killed Aeris/Aerith c; nuff said<3
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Before I got FFXIII-2, I would have said Sephiroth or Vincent, and I still think they are two of the sexiest FF characters... but now that I've played a good chunk of FFXIII-2, I'll have to say the sexiest villain is Caius Ballad.

I mean, look at this guy! @/////@

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