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Like the favorite game sticky, I've seen a lot of these threads about, and rather than chatterbox them all I will be consolidating the similar topics here. The chatterbox is a harsh mistress, and people looking for opinions on these kinds of things would be sorely dissapointed by the content there.

Contained within this thread will be the following categories.

Who's your favorite character, and why?
Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?
Who is your favorite villain, and why?
Which summonable ally (Esper, GF, Aeon) is your favorite?

Please stay on topic

Any threads on these general subjects will be dealt with. New threads will be sent to the chatterbox. Old ones will be allowed to die out, or will be locked if they persist.
heart Squall is by far the sexiest character in the FF series. He has a great body and a extremely cute face. stare Rinoa is soo lucky!!! domokun
Kuja. Everything about him makes me melt, from his personality to his adrogynous appeal, even to the way he moves. I'm not the type of person who falls head over heals for a character just because they're hot. I loved how demented Kuja was...and I was fascinated by the way he hid it behind a calm facade. His poetic dialogue was always beautiful and the way he spoke was just too sexy...

His character is tragic and realistic; I personally think he's one of the most human characters of Final Fantasy. He was fighting to survive, to protect his soul...it was a very simple reason yet it struck truth in all human beings. We, like Kuja so desperately did, seek individuality through the way we dress and act. People criticize him for the thong and the makeup, but that was his way of saying, "My spirit is mine and mine alone."

Something about his flamboyant behavior and shameless promotion of his own devious plot got me attatched to him. He was mysterious, collected and sinister at times, and at others he was demended, insane, desperate.
I just love him to death. heart
stare I'm more worried about storyline than...er..."attactiveness"..

My favorite character is...uh...um...er...GAH!!!! I guess I'll go with Blue Chocobos, event though they're not really characters...AND BOCO!!! eek

Okay, but seriously. I'd say Aeris. And I'll probably be flamed for it. I NEVER found her annoying. I always thought she was innocent but wise to a degree, kind of distantly lonely. Untouchable. The "love triangle" crap is...well...crap. She wasn't "stealing" anyone from anybody. She was the last of a RACE. An entire race gone extinct! I don't think she's really that concerned about Tifa and Cloud's history. And I wasn't either. I loved her part in the STORYLINE. I was really upset towards the end of the game. *must..be...anti-spoiler...*
Who's your favorite character, and why?
Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?
Who is your favorite villain, and why?

My favorite character is my favorite villian. He first appeared in FFVII, its Sephiroth. I love him so much because of the style that he uses to battle. And I am also kind of attracted to his long hair and his body. eek. eek redface I just said that out-loud. But oh well. 3nodding
My Favorite Character is Vincent Valentine from FFVII. He is hte best Character in the game with an Attitude of a Man who felt he was at fualt for helping in the creation of Sephiroth. He had more depth to him than 99% of the Characters in the FF Series released after VII.

My Favorite Villian is Kefka. Come on how many Villians in the FF Series actually was a God or became one besides him. One and that was Chaos from FF One. He was the Kinda guy who used everybody including the Heros (And not just one like some who shall remain nameless *Cough*sephiroth*Cough*). Plus he destroyed Towns and people JUST FOR FUN!!! Not like Everyone else who Destroyed for a more Long Winded reason *Seymore*. But here I go bringing in other characters from other FFs. They are all good but I feel Kefka has more of a Diabolical "I don't Care" feel to him tan any other FF Villian Past, Present and possibly Future.
Overall - Tseng (VII)

I dunno why I always have to represent this guy. He really didn't even play that big of a role in VII yet I still find him so cool. He was the leader of the Turks which, IMO, is one of the best anti-hero group (I guess you can call them that) I have seen in a video game. Eh-always rooting for the underdog I guess xp

Male - Tseng (VII), Zone (VIII) or Setzer (VI)
Female - Quistis (VIII)
Villain - Kefka (VI)
Honorable Mentions - Seifer (VIII), Gilgamesh (V), Shadow (VI), Mog (VI), Amarant (IX) and Kimahri (X)
The only problem with these sticky threads is that they get so long that no one wants to read through them, making them virtually pointless.

That's rather sad.

But anyway, I don't know who my favorite character is...I adore so many of them. BUt I'm in a FFVII-Cid mood right now.

But as always, Locke and Cecil are of worthy mention. And Zidane. And Kiros. whee
Who's your favorite character, and why?
Squall since he reminds me of myself

Which character (male or female, protagonist or antagonist) do you think is the most attractive/sexy?

Who is your favorite villain, and why?
Kefka, because I love his evil/crazy antics
Male heroes: Irvine, Zell, Cid(VII)
Female heroes: Quistis, Aerith
Villain: Rufus, Turks
Final Fantasy VIII is my fave~! A line of my fave characters, Squall, Seph, Yuna, Rinoa, Auron, and . . . the GF's from FFVIII. . like Ifrit and Bahamut~ whee 3nodding
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Malfoy, you and I are wired on the same circuit o_o.. at least in our opinions about Kuja XD
My Fave character is SQUALL biggrin xd
he is the greatest
oh and the sexiest character is Rinoa heart domokun <RAAAARRRRR)
seipheroth is the sexiest character with his sexy sexy hair. hell i know im a guy but i'd ******** that!!! xd

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