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Which FF had the best romance story?

Final Fantasy 3 0.015544041450777 1.6% [ 3 ]
Final Fantasy 4 0.015544041450777 1.6% [ 3 ]
Final Fantasy 5 0.010362694300518 1.0% [ 2 ]
Final Fantasy 6 0.036269430051813 3.6% [ 7 ]
Final Fantasy 7 0.093264248704663 9.3% [ 18 ]
Final Fantasy 8 0.17098445595855 17.1% [ 33 ]
Final Fantasy 9 0.22279792746114 22.3% [ 43 ]
Final Fantasy 10 0.38341968911917 38.3% [ 74 ]
Final Fantasy 12 0.051813471502591 5.2% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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My vote goes to X's Tidus and Yuna. The sweet thing about it is that people all think Tidus is a dork, but Yuna likes all those dorky things about him, which makes them a cute couple. More importantly, there's a lot that happens in the game that's directly affected by (or affects) their relationship. Tidus supports Yuna throughout her Pilgrimage, and aims to defeat Yu Yevon specifically so Yuna won't have to die. In return, Yuna spends several years hunting for his whereabouts, and eventually succeeds in bringing him back from the dead.... more or less. sweatdrop

In contrast, most of the other couples in the series just fall in love, and maybe one goes off to save the other from some predicament, but that's about it. No real development, and no real reason for the two to like each other except for "Hey, I'm a boy, and you're a girl, and we're both main characters, so..... why not?" With Yuna and Tidus, it makes sense for them to like each other, and you see it happen slowly and meaningfully. Cute couple + good story = win. 3nodding

That said, Snow and Serah were also good, in XIII, but I can't vote for them because their relationship is backstory. And because there's no option to in this poll. Sad, that. confused
I'm going to go with IV and VII. Cloud and Tifa: ew. I prefered Cloud and Aeri...s...thththth! And, I was totally into the whole Vincent and Lucrecia thing, I have a thing for angsty relationships... not much of a relationship, though...

IV is my most favorite game ever. Enough said.
My boyfriend acts almost exactly like Zidane so I would have to say IX is my choice. heart
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"Every pawn is a potential Queen."


IX, VII, and X-2 are tied for me.

VII - I am a huge sucker for star crossed lovers, so of course I found
Cloud and Aerith's love endearing and even Shakespearean in a way.

IX - I loved how you got to see Zidane's and Garnet's relationship
slowly grow and develop throughout the game.

X-2 - Again, sucker for star crossed lovers.(⌒▽⌒);
Lenne and Shuyin, need I say more?
I vote FFIV, Cecil x Rosa.

Why? Because I'm tired of fan fictions with ridiculous couples. Sephiroth X Yuffie X Cloud X Whoever keeps getting worse with the years and I'm also tired of half baked speculations, like who stayed with who at the end of FFVI or whatever number people argue about these days.

Granted, while other canon couples are fine by me, such as Snow and Serah (Though I can't stand Snow) and Tidus and Yuna. Somehow the fact that Cecil and Rosa were undeniably in love with no fan speculation at all kind of sold it to me. Kain trying to win over Rosa cinched it for me and added even more awesomeness to the love story. Annddddddd....It's also the only love story with a legit result. Namely, Ceodore.
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Final Fantasy VIII

It's nice how their love for each other changed them and mold them into better persons. Really sweet. heart
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I'll always have a soft spot for Tidus and Yuna. I think that when they were with each other it brought out the best in them. Like, when I fist started the game I thought Tidus was the most annoying, self-centred protagonist in any game. But by the end of it, he had changed and became less selfish, especially when he fought against Yunalesca.
I'm not a romantic, but Final Fantasy couples really touch me.

Ooh, and then there was that scene... my favourite scene ever.
The only problem I have with Final Fantasy VIII's love story is that it was poorly portrayed, it would of been a great love story had Square not made a complete ******** up of the story and forced them together.

Meaning, Rinoa liked Squall, we saw that but Squall was all 'nope, don't love ya now piss off and stop annoying me woman!' And then it got to the third disk and all of a sudden Squall DOES love that annoying woman who kept pissing him off because Square realised they needed to have the hero fall in love with some female so the annoying one was it and it was getting later and later in the game so hey, he better have a girlfriend now.

This is why I have always prefered Laguna and Raine's relationship WAY better then Squall and Rinoa's, Laguna and Raine were shown for ten minutes yet their relationship had far more substance to it and we saw that, we have a whole game of Squall and Rinoa and their relationship is crap.

I think they forced Squall and Rinoa together because of the whole Laguna/Julia thing. They didn't have a chance so they decided their kids should have one. The concept should've been something that looked and felt good, instead it came out rather forced and ruined it horribly.
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Final Fantasy VIII: Squall and Rinoa. Squall is like the best Final Fantasy character! A lot of people didn't like Rinoa, but the beautiful sorceress has a crush on my bro! Plus Seifer was a b***h in that one but I loved the storyline! Best romantic/action-y tale ever!! Vincent and Lucresia were another good couple though he was just an experiment (harsh) on Dirge of Cerberus. Cloud and Tifa had way too much going on and Cloud was barely talking to her...though they seem to have a pretty good amount of love for each other...but Final Fantasy VIII's storyline was the most romantic. blaugh
it was so sad crying
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✧・゚:*✧・゚:* I always liked Final Fantasy VIII's Squall and Rinoa's romance story. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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Hard to choose a favorite from 8,9, and 10. I liked them all for different reasons. (Though Rinoa drove me nuts. Liked her and Squall as a couple but separate...)
My favorite one was in FF6 because I liked all the flashbacks in a sad way, and it was my favorite Final Fantasy. I never played 10 so I really don't have an opinion on that
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FFI - No romance.

FFII - No romance.

FFIII - Random hookup between Onion 4/Ingus and Sara. Completely unnecessary and a bit confusing. Had it been developed it would have been better received, but as is it's just random.

FFIV - Cecil and Rosa, pretty significant plotline. Could have done without it, but it makes for a solid love triangle.

FFV - No romance. I think Bartz gets a hard on for Faris in a dress, but that's really all it is.

FFVI - Celes and Locke. More of a side thing. Not necessary, but not unnecessary either.

FFVII - No explicit romance. Schoolgirl crushes and schoolboy confusion. Girl knows boy. Girl likes boy. Boy likes other girl. Other girl likes boy but doesn't like like boy. Other girl likes other boy. Other boy is dead, and boy has other boy's memories. Other girl dies. Boy remembers other boy. Boy doesn't like other girl. Boy is sad. Girl still likes boy. Boy is still sad. To be honest, this game could have done without the romance. While it makes for some interesting character development, it's just kind of confusing as a whole.

FFVIII - Squall and Rinoa. The very basis of the game. Without these affair, we'd probably have an extremely dull cast. Squinoa allows for some much needed character development and to be honest, Squall sort of ends up Rinoa's 'knight' in a sense, which is nicely integrated into the story of the sorceresses.

FFIX - Zidane and Garnet. An explicit romance, but fairly sidelined. It isn't particularly necessary, but it's well received and doesn't distract from the plot.

FFX - Tidus and Yuna. A fairly large portion of the plot. While the game is about Yuna's pilgrimage, Tidus' origins and Yevon's blasphemy, the game is also essentially a love story, much like FFVIII.

FFXI - P2P hookups?

FFXII - Ashe and Rassler. A romance that may or may not have been arranged, but nevertheless happened almost entirely before the game. His death is brought up on occassion but not entirely a signficant part of the plot. It's well placed and doesn't get in the way, as Rassler serves as a sort of... 'progression' pusher for Ashe.

FFXIII - Snow and Serah. The most annoying relationship I've ever seen. While it serves good inspiration for Snow to fulfill his Focus, it's super annoying and causes way too many problems for the rest of the party, as well as himself. And ultimately, becomes a complete moot point as the situation becomes so much bigger than what they originally perceived it to be.

All in all, most of the relationships work. The ones that don't work could have been either further developed or scrapped entirely, but none of them particularly 'distract' from the main objective in my opinion.

Going by this post that Kuja made, the ONLY two stories that actually MADE me like the whole romance factor is FFIX and VIII which is tied with X, more had to be done with Squall and Rinoa but overall it was a decent enough relationship and I would of liked Tidus and Yuna more had they kept them together OR let us see a bitter sweet love that was lost and we didn't end up with X-2.

Not that i dislike X-2, it was decent enough for a time waster game but still we didn't NEED it, Yuna should of ended up with the guy or was kept as a romance that will never be, tragic but it would of left us without X-2 that didn't have to be made and in time Yuna would of, for the most part, gotten over losing Tidus.

The other games (minus the ones which didn't have romance) romance factors were pretty much what Kuja said, they were there but not strongly developed etc so you couldn't REALLY appreciate the romance fully, IX and VIII's/X's were a bit more worked on then the others.
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VIII - They did a horrible job on Squall and Rinoa (that relationship was just a joke) but Laguna and Raine?
That was best romance story I've seen out of all the games I've played. Laguna = amazing character and Raine seemed to fit for him, too bad she died. =/

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