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Knight (includes Dark, Holy, Paladin, etc..) 0.14666666666667 14.7% [ 11 ]
Lancer/Dragoon 0.21333333333333 21.3% [ 16 ]
Mage/Sage (White, Black, Red, Blue, Time, etc..) 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 10 ]
Thief 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Summoner 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Alchemist 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Monk 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Bard/Dancer 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Gunner (anyone wielding a gun) 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
<3 MIME or MASCOT <3 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 75 ]
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Dangerous Genius

Blue mage from any game. Why? Because nothing is more threatening than someone that can learn the ability a monster just used and then use it against the monster better than it could use it.

Or Red Chocobo from FFT because a chocobo with meteor is doomsday in a can.
Dragoon, followed by Red Mage
I love monks. So much. <3

And geomancers from the original Tactics!
Blue mages because they're kinda different and rare.
White mages because they are so helpful in any party, any situation! Bringing allies back from the dead is nice.
Samurais, warriors, knights, any kind of tank with lots of attack and defense is my ultimate favorite.
Although this classs only existed in the tactics in advance i'll say Bismark.I think that's what twem was anyway,i honestly forgot... sweatdrop
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Distinct Explorer

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Blue Mage!!!
Actually, I'd prefer that as a sub, for the skill, with Ninja as a primary, for the stats.
In general, my favorite two classes have always been Summoner and Mime. Though in FFXI I was a Dragoon through and through, I don't really care for them in the rest of the FF series. Riesz was pretty awesome though, and my LoM character ended up unintentionally becoming a Dragoon, haha.
and Mime.
Oh and Magus
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{| "Don't follow a path...Make your own." --Bartz Klauser |}

Summoner <3

White mage.

i like all the different versions of berserkers
actually i like rinoahs jobs i just wish she didnt have such a pathetic weapon
shes a red mage, tamer, and a magic brand beserker
then there horror teller vincent from ff7
definately beserkers my fave specifically the ones where u do more than just cast beserk and haste on urself
White Mage and Summoner
Gotta love the magic goodness
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Summoner heart
Dragoons/Lancers (Depending on if your playing tactics for the PS)
Best thing in tactics is hitting some one on the other side of a wall by jumping over it

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