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Knight (includes Dark, Holy, Paladin, etc..) 0.14666666666667 14.7% [ 11 ]
Lancer/Dragoon 0.21333333333333 21.3% [ 16 ]
Mage/Sage (White, Black, Red, Blue, Time, etc..) 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 10 ]
Thief 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Summoner 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Alchemist 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Monk 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Bard/Dancer 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Gunner (anyone wielding a gun) 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
<3 MIME or MASCOT <3 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 75 ]
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I wouldn't say they're my favorite, but it's definitely time to bring Geomancers back.

Summoner is probably my favorite because I'm a sucker for summons. I also love Dragoons. And as of XIII I love Syndergists and even moreso Saboteurs.
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Quotable Genius

Sword Saint, Divine Knight, Dark Knight, Templar, Holy Knight, and Sky Pirate. Automaton gets an honorable mention, but that's technically a monster, not job class.

ohko team ftw (all from tactics: wotl)
It is depend on your education and your interest of field like if you have studied commerce and you want to do job in medical field it's bit tough. Let me tell you about my favorite, I am interested in account and SEO.
Swords and guns (: cloud/sephiroth/squall, vincent/irvine/barret <3 xD
I like summoners (all games), paladin-type characters (mainly like Cecil, though I turn character sinto this in the copy og XII i found at gameStop lol), gunners from X-2, and black mages from everything. Black magic rocks!
Oh, and I forgot dark knights, blue mages, and white mages
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Lonely Phantom


Summoner/Black Mage combo is an awesome, powerful mix. Runner up for me would have to be a White Mage.
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Lonely Bunny

I would have to say a combination of Seer and Illusionist from Tactics A2. The carnage one could cause with that character. O_o;;
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Partying Pirate

mimes for the win.
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Dark Night and Lady Luck in FF10-2
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Blessed Knight

Let me see.... {looks at avi}

Well all variations of the Knight class, Knight, Spell Sword, Dark Knight, Saint Sword, exc. But my favorite has to be a tie between good old, I'm so old I played it on NES, FFI Knight and FFIV Paladin, as that was my favorite FF.

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