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Knight (includes Dark, Holy, Paladin, etc..) 0.14666666666667 14.7% [ 11 ]
Lancer/Dragoon 0.21333333333333 21.3% [ 16 ]
Mage/Sage (White, Black, Red, Blue, Time, etc..) 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 10 ]
Thief 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Summoner 0.12 12.0% [ 9 ]
Alchemist 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Monk 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Bard/Dancer 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Gunner (anyone wielding a gun) 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
<3 MIME or MASCOT <3 0.053333333333333 5.3% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 75 ]
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Demonic Phantom

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favorite job class is sorman
Adian Merci's avatar

Hilarious Lunatic

Blue Mage.

Nothin like killing things with FIRE......breath.
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Dangerous Noob

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Red Or White mage, The white is Usually better because of the Healing and Buffing
TheTaintedOne's avatar

Tipsy Smoker

In the first Final Fantasy, I loved the Monk class because later in the game they can litterly kill a ******** boss in two rounds.... cast haste on them and they can hit 16 times for ungodly dammage...... but is it just me or do monster fncking hate that class with a passion. I swear this my poor monk keeps getting raped. My fighters doing a sh!ty job at Tanking with all his freaken deffence >_<

Anyhow... heres the Rundown on my fave char/classes from the FF I have played:
I - Monk/Master
III - Viking (Got bored and did not finish u-u)
IV - Rydia (w/dragon whip shes a beast)
V - Mimic (duhrr)
VI - Locke (Had to come down to the character because I love them all..... even GAU)
VII - Cloud (even though hes has the character depth of a potato e_e)
VIII - Squall (even though hes about as deep as a thimble e_e)
IX - Adelbert
X - Yuna (Holy w/only 1 mp cost..... yeah)
XII - Balthier (see III)
XIII - Sazh (only one I thought who wasn't one-dimensional)
Tactics - Balthier (arm shot..... leg shot .... seal evil ..... barrage ..... SOLD! ^-^)
red mage selphie(ff cool
red mage amarant(ff9)

monk zell(ff cool

blue mage enemy skill(ff7)

thief zidane(ff9)


selphie and zell were the strongest in ff8. fabulous limit breaks.

amarant and zidane were off the hook.

enemy skill is incredible. ever used with manipulate?

and the gunner was a great idea for ffx-2 that worked out really well.
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King Unicorn

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I'll go through a few.

I: Monk

III: Dragoon

V: Monk
V (GBA): Gladiator

Tactics: Samurai
War of Lions: Dark Knight
Tactic Advance: Paladin
dragoon/dragon knight.
i loved freya's "jump" ability. :'D
Paladins are my favorite! They're both a strong fighting class and can use healing magics, in other words they're kinda tough to defeat.
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Greedy Grabber

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uhh my favorite would have to be Theif I love their intense speed and they can dodge most enemies well... And also the fact that they can steal stuff !!!!!!!!!! But my next favorites would have to be magic users like white mage and blackk mage !!! (:
Always been a Redmage fan. As a jack of all trades, who needs a specialty?
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Partying Pirate

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Hilarious Raider

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I've changed my mind on my favorite job class. my new faves are as followed:

I: Monk

III: Dragoon
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Dangerous Genius

Blue Mage.

Nothing like taking the power of a monster and using it against them.
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hard to chose so i chose knight
red mage

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