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I had a thread on this awhile back that was taken down because a moderator thought I was spamming the forum or phishing or something, which obviously they have not read or bothered to look into it properly. Anyways, I may as well just introduce the plot for the upcoming fan made game that a team of us have made on a separate site. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3 is a project that takes the aspects of all known FFT games and meshes them into one. Not only that, but we added elements of our own, which will be explained down below.


In the beginning of any grand or adventurous epic, it is a common tradition to begin with 'once upon a time', but this story lies beyond what history will tell you. History may forget us, but we will never forget how we have gotten so far because of 'her'. She was our beginning and our end, and despite what we may or may not know of her, all of our lives changes when she entered it.

~Exerpt from the journal of Runai Berlandis

FFTA3: The Final Chapters continues on years after the events of the Grimoire of the Rift. Mira Randell, the protagonist of the story, cares for her grandfather in the town of St. Ives, who fell grievously ill in his old age. While exploring the ruins of an old, decrepid library, Mira and a friend stumble upon a mysterious book. Upon reading it, she is thrown into a world filled with chaos and lawless rule. Before this world could overtake her, she meets friends and unexpected allies, both from her world and this one as they try to unravel the mysteries of the Gran Grimoire. But the clan is not the only group interested in its secrets, even if they have to destroy the world to do it.

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New content include:

-Two new races:

Revgaji (Portrayed on the left)

A cat-like race native to Ivalice, the Revgaji have only recently become major participants in the battle-based culture of their world. They use their unique and various skills to help their fellow clansmen defeat monsters and enemy clans alike.

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Winged people who recently returned to Ivalice after having been locked in Lemures by their leader, Feolthanos the Eternal. The Aegyl have since began settling in the continent of Kerwon, and some are now taking refuge in Mt. Bur-Omisace.

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-28 new character jobs to choose from (Special classes not included for specific characters)

Hume Class: Vanguard

Vanguards are frontline soldiers that specialize in dealing the most amount of damage in the least time possible. While boasting the highest ATK stat even above the Paravir, they are challenged by being completely incapable of wearing helmets, armor, or shields. Inspiration for their abilities was drawn from the Paladin's cover ability, but instead of defending their targets, they assist in their attacks instead.

Viera Class: Stalker

Stalkers are like the tonberry monster which strikes fear into even the most brave warriors in Ivalice. They can enshroud the battlefield in darkness and stalk their prey with a visciousness that is rarely attributed to their race as they stab and hack away are their targets with their bloody cleavers. Holloween inspired this class and was made in the holiday spirit. Pretty much its a class that can create a fog of war effect.

Moogle Class: Puppeteer

Puppeteers use their engineering skills to effectively fight using a series of mechanical dolls that they can control. Each different puppet containing a series of their own personal abilities, and they move on their own turns as close to the target as possible and on the puppeteers turn, allows them to fight. I did not make this class and personally do any of the moogle classes in general.

Bangaa Class: Crusader

Inspired from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Crusaders are walking plates of armor that produces powerful auras that can either aid allies or hinder enemies. This is the first Bangaa class that is used for full support and not combat alone. Some Auras can impede the movement of an opponent's units while units retrate, while others can go as far as to drain the life of surrounding enemies.

Nu-Mou Class: Conveyor

Ever had those moments where you had a really slow moving ally that could'nt get far fast or on their own? Ever been on those pesky mountain faces where the jump requirements were steep? Conveyors use the typical Warp command from every standard RPG to warp allies and enemies alike either closer or further from combat.

Gria Class: Eclipse Mage

Eclipse Mages were inspired by Palom and Porom from FFIV, the twin mages that produced unusally powerful mage when put together in a party. Using that respect, they act similarl to that sense like a red mage would, but when paired with another Eclipse mage, their spells become enhanced variations of their own magic. Ultima would become Omega, Curaga would become Curaja, and so on and so forth.

Seeq Class: Strategist

Ever play Record of Agarest War? If you have, you would love this class. By making sure your allies are in the right formation on the field, a Strategist will employ devastating group based attacks on your opponent if they happen to be on the wrong spot at the wrong time.

I'll add a Revgaji and Aegyl class soon.
Damn, it sounds really cool! >V<
It is, and it is a truly ambitious project on our part since the story has alot of new kinds of gameplay, as well as story elements put into the game. Its supposed to take the best of all the games and put it into one phenomenal story.
Added the races and the number of new classes added.
28 new classes?
as in new to tactics or new to the series in general? or a mix of both?

that's an a**-load of classes > u<
slick murders
28 new classes?
as in new to tactics or new to the series in general? or a mix of both?

that's an a**-load of classes > u<

28 New character classes in total, most of which I designed myself, though they were voted in by a majority of the members in the site. But yes, many of them are new, but I added standard RPG elements into them that you may recognize from the Final Fantasy franchise and other games in general. I'll add some of them in here shortly in the OP. We decided to add a certain number of classes based on the race.

1 New hume class
2 New viera classes
2 New moogle classes
2 New bangaa classes
3 New nu-mou classes
4 New gria classes (one of which is shared with the aegyl)
4 New seeq classes
6 Classes for both the Aegyl and Revgaji races (Aegyl again shares a class with the Gria)

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