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What is you guy's opinon what is the best Final Fantasy soundtrack out there? That can include Kingdom Hearts too smile
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Why include Kingdom Hearts? it is a mostly Disney styled game, all that is Final Fantasy related in it is a few Final Fantasy characters, characters that really don't do much for the plot, Disney characters have that covered mostly so why include it in this? Also, this is the FINAL FANTASY forum, Kingdom Hearts isn't allowed to be spoken about in here unless it is to do with an actual Final Fantasy character in the game.

Anywho, I will go with Final Fantasy IX.
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FF8, though i suppose that's obvious. sweatdrop
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Honestly, FFI and FFII are my favorites. The Symphonic Suite album, which is orchestrated arrangements of FFI and II tracks is by far my favorite Final Fantasy album of all time. heart
VII > IX > VIII > VI > II > X > IV > I > XII > XIII > III > V > XI > XIV
VII = IX > IV > VIII > X > XIII > I > XII > II > V > VI > III
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I've actually enjoyed all of the soundtracks pretty evenly, especially that of the XIII games.
I know a LOT of people hate XIII, but the OST and graphics are still undeniably good (kinda makes it more reason to dislike them knowing they wasted it on something less than great).
1. VI
2. IX
3. VII
4. IV
6. X
7. V
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IV > II > I > IX > V > VIII > VII > XIV > XIII > XI > X > XII
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FFIX had the greatest soundtrack.

Although, if you were to go with, say... the best track? FFV's Clash on the Big Bridge trumps everything.

My personal favorite is definitely FFIX
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Final Fantasy Type-0.
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For me it's kind of a toss up but it would have to be either IX, XII, or XIII-2. Thinking about it a little more FF IX would have to be my topic pick.
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Final Fantasy XII.
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I happen to love VIII its the best in my opinion. But i love almost all the other sound tracks evenly

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